published by W.W. Norton & Company 2006

James Vance and Dan Burr

Kings in Disguise

A Novel
Introduction by Alan Moore

�One of the most moving and compelling human stories to emerge out of the graphic story medium.��Alan Moore

This award-winning tale, set in the height of the Great Depression, received rave reviews long before graphic novels became the phenomenon they are today. Hailed as one of the top 100 comics of all time, Kings in Disguise now reemerges as a classic. It is January 1932, and movie-loving Freddie Bloch is trading his father�s liquor bottles for the cost of a matinee: �Dreams were only a dime, and empty bottles brought a penny apiece.� When his father disappears and his brother gets arrested, Freddie finds himself homeless and adrift, trying to survive during the Detroit labor riots and amid the furor of violent, anti-communist mobs.

�Utterly masterful.��Ron Evry, Fantagraphics Best Comics of All Time

�Wonderful, earnest storytelling . . . a book made by intelligent, caring human hands.��Art Spiegelman

" As much as Maus, as The Watchmen, as Love and Rockets, Kings in Disguise played its part in the rise of the graphic novel, taking us back into the hobo jungles of the Great Depression for a remarkable story of broken people and growing up. I'm thrilled that it's going to be available for a new generation." �Neil Gaiman
�The best case yet that a mainstream novel can be told in comics form.��Max Allan Collins, writer of Dick Tracy
Author, playwright, and director James Vance has written scripts for The Crow, The Spirit: The New Adventures, and other popular comics. By day he is a journalist in Oklahoma. Dan Burr has drawn for DC Comics� Big Book Series and contributed to a number of underground comics like Death Rattle and Grateful Dead Comix. He lives in Milwaukee.
April 2006 / paperback / ISBN 0-393-32848-1 / 208 pages / GRAPHIC NOVELS
Dan Burr
published by Kitchen Sink Press 1988


Hands down, one of the finest graphic novels ever created. Highly praised by top professionals like Will Eisner, Art Spiegleman, Gil Kane and Harvey Kurtzman and praised by Publishers Weekly as "one of the top trade paperbacks of 1990," long before graphic novels gained general respectability. Kings in Disguise is a coming-of-age story set against the Great Depression as a 12-year old boy, Freddie Bloch, sets across America to find the alcoholic father who abandoned his family. Along the way Freddie discovers another America, one populated by hobo jungles, violent strikes and Hoovervilles, learns about himself, and finds a surrogate father while hopping freight trains.

Powerfully told by James Vance and evocatively illustrated by Dan Burr. Winner of multiple Eisner and Harvey Awards. Kings was translated overseas in 2004 in three countries: Italy (for the second time), Sweden and France. We can't endorse this one strongly enough. Published by Kitchen Sink Press.






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