August 3rd, 2009 at 10:21 am

Hell Week (Sadly, the first of a series)

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In the process of moving house. I have a POD. I am now a POD person.


I don’t technically have anywhere to move my possessions to at the moment other than the POD, as the bank is dragging its feet in setting a final closing date for the new house – as opposed to the date that’s been on the contract all along, which turned out to be a work of fantasy. What a lovely surprise.

Yes, the closing’s absolutely definitely going to happen, I’m told, but they keep finding last-minute i’s to dot, fretting over pointless technical minutiae like fanboys on a comment thread. The latest rumor is that the gala closing ceremony could be sometime this week, which will be handy since the last-minute delays have thrown two separate households (the seller’s and mine) into chaos, not to mention testing the sainthood of my not-quite former landlord. And I’m fast running out of a place to live.

More to come, unless I end up having to live in the damned POD itself. No internet access there.

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