August 10th, 2014 at 11:42 pm

Vertige’s Gorgeous “Ropes”

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There was a pleasant surprise in this week’s mail: copies of a new French edition of  On the Ropes.

The big deal isn’t the fact that there’s a foreign edition – we all get them, and it’s not the only one this book has received; what made my face light up before I even opened the book was the Vertige imprint on the front cover.

These folks turn out beautiful books. Their 2003 edition of  Kings in Disguise just knocked me out with its lovely design, and impressed me no end with the inclusion of a section of explanatory historical notes by Robert Chesnais.

I’ll admit to wondering whey they bothered to collage a new cover from Dan Burr’s interior artwork for this edition, but beyond that cover the book is even more impressive than their packaging of Kings. This time, Chesnais has written nicely illustrated historical pieces at both the front and back, and Vertige has gone the extra mile by adding a few unobtrusive footnotes in the body of the story.

It’s a fine job, and gratifying to think that a house as sharp as Vertige would not only want to continue our relationship, but would put in so much extra work to be sure that their readers could appreciate the historical background. The thought of people enjoying the book, and learning something at the same time, is about as good as it gets.

Belle, et formidable.

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