May 24th, 2014 at 4:04 pm

A Magnificent Seventh

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It’s a good thing I’m not married to this blog – as if,  scoff those who note how rarely I’ve posted this year – because I just missed its seventh anniversary, which fell on May 8.

There was a relative flurry of activity here last year, with the publication of  On the Ropes and the Omaha finale, but life backstage has been even more frantic in recent months, hence the long stretches of radio silence.

For the most part and for my own reasons, I’ve made it a practice to keep my private life out of this space and keep mention of family members and loved ones to a minimum. But (with their permission) I’m making an exception here, because it’s the reason I’ve been so occupied these last few months…and because I’m so incredibly proud of these two:

I give you Jacob Vance on the right, who just graduated high school as his class valedictorian (note all that massive scholarly bling), and his brilliant and talented step-sister Kaitlyn McBryde, who triumphed in an incredible personal struggle to graduate with honors and earn a scholarship to the university of her choice. Getting them to this point has pretty much devoured all my time and resources, and it’s absolutely been worth it.

A blogging anniversary is always nice to celebrate, but this one will always be tied in my mind to a major milestone. We’ll see what future years will bring, but I doubt that any of them could be better than this.

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