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[New York Medical Journal. There are numerous references to the influence of climate, customs, trade, etc., upon the development of the organism as a whole, and upon certain groups of muscles. By one savant, the menstrual is con- sidered as an extra nutritive material which is dis- charged periodically when of no use, but which is converted into milk during the period of lactation. Absence of menstruation indicates sterility; fear and cold may.be instrumental in the arrest of the flow. That medicine was an integral part of the religion of Israel is made more evident from the patholog- ical studies of the rabbis than from any other branch of medical science. It is, indeed, remarkable that these philomaths seem to have been the first to recognize practically, wliat is at present the prevail- ing theory, namely, that the symptoms of all dis- eases are merely outward manifestations of in- ternal changes m the tissues — a theory never ad- vanced by their contemporaries, e. g., Hippocrates and his disciples, Zyprexa 10mg and only vaguely hinted at by Galen. Their pathological studies were a direct out- growth of the law concerning the "flesh that is torn of beasts in the field," which becomes unfit for food. Certain rules concerning this infection are enjoined upon those who come in contact with the flesh of an Olanzapine 5mg animal that "dieth of itself or is torn by beasts." These students went a step further, and declared that the word "unfit" included the flesh of animals aftlicted with any disease that sooner or later would liave caused the death of the animal. In order, therefore, to determine the condition of the internal organs, each slaughtered Olanzapine Tablet animal was subjected to an autopsy, that is the practice even today. The pathological changes of the lungs have been most diligently studied as to color, consistency, cavities, and vegetable growths. Redness of the lungs indicates hyperemia, a condition which is not fatal; blue and light green discoloration is not con- sidered dangerous ; Olanzapine Risperidone black designates that the object ha.s begun to disintegrate; and the part of the lungs thus affected cannot return to its normal state. Bright yellow is regarded as the color indicative of the most fatal condition. If, on inflating the lungs, it is found that air does not enter into a certain part Olanzapine Tablets of them, it is then important to find out whether the obstruction is caused by pus or mucus in the bronchi, which might have been ex- pelled by coughing, or is due to thickening of the tissues. In the latter case the animal is unfit for Zyprexa Mg food. Caseous degeneration "in which there is no blood, and it crumbles under the nail," makes Olanzapine 5 Mg the flesh of the Olanzapine 10 Mg animal unfit for food. Softening of the lung is most fatal. In the case of an animal with collapsed lungs the following rule is given : If after they have been immersed in water they can be inflated with air, the flesh of the animal is fit for food; if they cannot be so inflated, it is unfit. A pitcher shaped cavity in the lung, Purchase Zyprexa filled with fluid, renders the animal unfit for eating. An empty cav- ity is not dangerous to life. The rabbis speak of vegetable growths on the lungs in connection with Cheap Zyprexa adhesions of the lung to the thorax; and they de- scribe several forms, all of which are Zyprexa Purchase not considered dangerous. Perforation of the outer coat of the Risperidone Olanzapine brain is not fatal ; bjut the slightest pertusion of the inner coat is mortal. One scholar contended that Online Zyprexa an injury of the spinal cord is deadly, while another held that Zyprexa 5 it is only fatal when the Zyprexa Online injury extends to more than one half of its transverse diameter. A sheep that dragged its hind legs was diagnosed as suffering from ischiagra, but an opposing factor maintained that it was a paralysis due to the solu- tion of continuity of the spinal cord. The sheep was killed, and the diagnosis of the latter was con- firmed. This is the only case on record in ancient literature where a diagnosis was made dtu'ing life and verified at a post mortem examination. Rabbi Levi saw one who sufliered from tremor of the head, and he remarked that the man was in sufferance as a result of softening of the spinal cord; he held that such cases were not fatal, but that the pa- tients lost their reproductive functions. Penetration of Zyprexa 10 the heart is considered fatal, but no other pathological changes of the heart are men- tioned. A transverse division Olanzapine Price of the trachea is not regarded as fatal, provided it is less than one half of its circumference. Longitudinal wounds of the trachea heal rapidly. Perforation of the esophagus is quickly mortal in its consequences, since the food may escape into the inediastinum. Buy Zyprexa Valvus is held to be fatal, and perforation of the stomach or of the intestines is fatal. Extirpation of the spleen in animals and m man is not considered Zyprexa Buy fatal, but rupture or wounding of this organ is. Ablation of the uterus is mentioned, and is not considered mor- tal, but atrophy and abscess of the kidney are. Accumulation of transparent fluid in the kidney is

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