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tion Zantac 75 Mg of self than a confrontation of reality. That which persuades him to this is a personal relation. In this personal relation, then, is included the thera- peutic agent, for through this he has been enabled to be persuaded to an attitude which represents a healing. While this is all largely inferential, it appears to meet, or at least suggest, the possibility of a coin- cidence with our own hypothesis as to the psychic factors in shock. But there is added to this a ther- apeutic tryout, which, while seeming to verify 300 Mg Zantac this hypothesis, also introduces another factor in the personality of the persuader. As yet, however, we have described no relationship between any of these factors, apparently common to all traumatic psycho- neuroses, and the more general psychoneurotic marlcs. It Zantac 150mg is reasonable to suppose, however, that within the substantial data accruing Buy Zantac Online about this latter general mass, there should be discovered much that would illuminate the Zantac 300 Mg particular problems which Zantac Online have been singularly well crystallized in the traumatic neuroses. It is obvious that the point illuminated by Zantac Buy the latter Purchase Zantac Online seems to Order Zantac Online reside in its initiation and the factors therein Online Zantac included. In a general way we have for long given considerable attention to what is called the point of break in the neurosis. It is pretty much related to reality ; something here which the patient may not or cannot meet. It seems, at least, to be in front of this site that the patient crumbles. Hence the worship we have come to pay reality for itself. Our confrontation seems to have become a modern ordeal by fire, with all the conditions of an inquisition fulfilled, society as the grand inquisitor, and reality its thumb screw. Yet in these demands of adjustment, there is some kind of an aim, just as we recognized a goal in the more defined demands included within Zantac 150 punishment. In- deed, there seems little doubt that in society's pun- ishment of others there is involved a left handed accusation of self. Analytically, however, the con- sideration of the break in the psychoneurotic rarely yields so clear a precipitate as that shown in the unconscious of the case briefly presented, this be- cause only under unusual circumstances does life contain so sharp an accent, so impending a quality, Purchase Zantac as included in the shock. There is also always related in the general course of analysis a series of minor breaks and subsequent readjustments. Whatever has happened has been fairly well patched Zantac 150 Mg up. Even after the major break a disturbance is rarely so Order Zantac immediate ; the case presents long after the point in Buy Zantac which we are now interested, in that phase where another Zantac Coupon set of adjustments have super- vened in the symptoms, from which Zantac Mg the patient de- mands relief and comfort Where To Buy Zantac only. The particular na- ture of this has so especially blinded us to what has happened, that Cheap Zantac not until Adler and Jung was any attention paid to the much earlier incident of the break. Now, while in a proper analysis all or many of the unconscious motivations appear, it is just this course between the break and the appear- ance of the symptoms which is so frequently sub- jected to resistance in its emergence, that, as a datum, it is slow in appearing. Indeed, it seems pertinent here to recall flie importance of quick ac- tion defined in the shell shock case. That is, we seem to have a right to see a difference here in a time sense. The shock case we have described and the shell shock all have had an earlier interference than the usual psychoneurotic. Hence the finding here might well illuminate an unapprehended part of the usual neurotic structure. Yet, if our sup- position as to the nature of the break actually shown in our single case and possible of inference in the army cases be true, this same mechanism ought to be displayed some time in the course of the analysis work with the usual psychoneurotic. Moreover, the symptoms of the latter, in their common quality with those of the shell shock, should be further illuminated and probably themselves illuminate. Finally, the remedial agency, so miraculously effec- tive in the shell shock, should have explained its extraordinary efficacy, to the end that we may pos- sibly define similar modes for the treatment of the usual psychoneurotic. In the case of the railroad shock we possess the knowledge of a sequence of symptoms, correlated with an approximation to a particular series of personal considerations appearing in the dreams, which we have thought to be of considerable sig- nificance. In this there is nothing unusual except that, chronologically, it proceeds from a point close IVILE: DISPENSARY ABUSE. 17 to the time of shock. All of Freud's effective work has been in the nature of interrelating symptoms to unconscious phenomena. His particular system

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