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expressed? Is it that quite as it is ismpossible for this hair to be curled so Generic Yasmin Zarah it is impossible for her, the patient, ever again to have the curls of childhood? Is it this which we see in. her conscious and new irritation at the Generic Version Of Yasmin child, an envy of her Yasmin Generic Price as the child? Is there here a confrontation of the fact that she is at the end of her desires as the child? Thus seen, a certain implacability is Yasmin Generic Name presented, is- suing from an unconscious. Yet can one verify this hypothesis in her behavior? We know she has lost her earlier garments of poise. Surely, if the dream were only a reinforcement of desire this should not be ; one should rather expect to see it more strikingly set upon her as a personality. If, before the acci- dent, she had power to concentrate, to work, if she seemed satisfied and interested, something has come to produce the grayness and remoteness of disillu- sionment. Could anything more effectuallv accom- plish this than a realization of the frail foundation r.lRKER: THE PSYCHIC FACTOR IN SHOCK. IS of the past desires and a confrontation with their abandonment? Which is the better, before or after the accident? As we have seen her, the question answers itself. She was making adjustment before, now she is not. But, were those adjustments sound and effective and straight psychologically? They worked, at least. Only that can we say, who know nothing exact as to them beyond her limited ac- count. But if sound, why should they have been so instantly disturbed by a passing shock? Here is the acid test apparently. We might appreciate it better if we knew more of what this is, or better, if we were to recognize it, for all know it. And here we Ocella Generic For Yasmin return to what apparently happens in shocks, with Saul of Tarsus, or through the physical crash of a railroad wreck, or, perhaps, in the trenches. In an article, "The Predisposing Factors of War Psychoneuroses" Yasmin Generic Brand (Journal of the American Medi- cal Association. February 2, 1918), we find a similar question poised by Dr. Wolfsohn. In carrying out a study of 100 cases, in which the varied marks of psychoneuroses occurring under war conditions at the front presented, he sought to check these up by a series of 100 other cases in which definite somatic injuries had occurred. His purpose in this was to explain what amounts to our problem as to why shock with no traceable physical damage produces an effect far more disorganizing in certain instances than does shock coupled Yasmin 28 Generic with definite physical damage effect in another instance. He has, of course, limited himself to predisposing fac- tors, isolated from the family and personal histories in both sets of cases. Pie has, moreover, shown conclusively that within one, Generic Name For Yasmin the effects of the shock by itself have educed symptoms known to be char- acteristic of the psychoneurotic to a far higher percentage than obtains in the other group, in which there has been shock and also physical damage. Again, something is located within the shock as more effective in one instance Generic Form Of Yasmin than Yasmin 21 Tablets in another, but with enough of an effect common to both to suggest that, under extreme conditions, no one may be considered immune to these possibilities. This latter point is nicely emphasized in a Yasmin 3 Mg few cases of that which he Buy Yasmin Online Uk calls the acquired neurasthenic state. Here the conditions of strain have been so Generic Brand Of Yasmin prolonged that the results are similar to those obtaining after a Buy Yasmin Uk single exposure to shock. Beyond defining, thus, certain fixed predisposing conditions of shell shock, there is no approach to the psychology imminent in the shock. Yet the family history of these cases Generic Brand For Yasmin disclosed parental types of a kind we now recognize as especialy liable to afford a vicious psychological environment for the child. By this we mean no more than that the adjustments to life have been rendered singularly difficult, and the liability of unwholesome relations to family and parents as considerable. The per- sonal history also suggests actual occurrence of many Zarah Generic For Yasmin marks verifying such Yasmin Ed Tablets maladjustments. What has happened at the time of the shock, then, has in many instances occurred episodically, or in a minor continuous way, previous to their army experience. One might assume, then, Buy Generic Yasmin that the psychological effect of shock represented something much like that which is presented in less striking and isolated manner previously. It is obvious, also, that what- ever these previous effects had been, a certain de- gree of personal recompounding has subsequently taken place, so that it did not become manifest until the moment of the shock. ^ Buying Yasmin Online It is possible, however, to get another angle on the psychological factor in shock from the intro- duction by Bailey to Wolfsohn's article. The for-

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