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fermentation, with an increase in the diarrhea, would ensue. Having adopted food comminution as an impor- tant voltaren generic name therapeutic maneuver, its method of voltaren xr 100 accom- plishment is the next important step. I have found sufficient for my purpose a very fine meshed wire tea strainer. That is why I used the word "sieved." The attendant is instructed to cook the food as indicated voltaren xr 100mg below, then to mash it well and push it two or three limes through the tea strainer by means of a pusher or a spoon. The substances are fed singly or are all incorporated into voltaren rapid 25mg a mass and fed dry or moistened with the broth. The whole process is not unlike that adopted by an apothecary in voltaren ec the manufacture of an ointment. The starcli is cooked — cither the potato or the rice — ■ and well mashed. This is then pushed several times through the strainer, and may be likened to the base of the ointment. The greens are mashed and sieved once or twice, and by mixing are incor- porated with the starch. They may be likened to the various medical -ingredients of the ointment. Having by thorough mixing obtained a homoge- neous mass, the entire voltaren ec 75 mg substance is again pushed through the tea strainer. The meat or voltaren sr 75 mg tablet fish is treated in the same way, and may or may not be incor- porated with the mass. It voltaren xr 100 mg is now warmed, and may be partially moistened with the broth, and warmed, and thus fed, or may be fed dry, and the broth fed separately, or a sort of puree may be prepared by incorporating the entire amount with the broth and then voltaren in usa feeding it with a ;;poon, dropper, or through a bottle and nipple. Fat free broth. — One pound of meat, preferably mutton ; chicken, lamb or beef will do. One quart of water. Boil until meat is tender, Strain. Ice. Remove fat. Add sufficient boiled water and equal one quart. Salt to taste. Egg. — Bring to the boiling point, in a saucepan, sufficient water to cover an egg. voltaren sr 100mg Remove from the source of heat. Allow egg to remain immersed in this water two minutes. Open at once. voltaren 75 sr Cereal. — All are cooked three hours in plain wa- ter. Strain. Salt and taste. Push several times through a fine wire meshed tea strainer. Baked potato. — Wash clean. Punch full of holes with a fork. Dampen the exterior. Roll in salt. Bake quickly in a very hot oven. Open at once. Mash well. Push several times voltaren 50mg diclofenac through a fine over- meshed tea strainer and employ as previously indi- cated, alone or incorporated with mashed, sieved greens, dry or moistened with broth, or mixed with the entire amount of broth allowed for the meal. generic name for voltaren Greens. — voltaren topical Cooked until tender in salt water. Strain, wash and remove skins. Push through the strainer, and feed as above indicated. Meats. — Broiled or roasted, rare. Chop line. Push through the fine wire or tea strainer. voltaren ec tablets 50mg Treatment of diarrhea in sucklings. A. Artifi- cially fed. — My experience with infants voltaren for sale under one year arc as yet to immature to offer any positive proof that the treatment outlined above for older children is applicable to them. However, in those few instances in which it has been employed, my results have been good. Where several teeth have been erupted I would not hesitate to recommend it. In other infants the following procedure will yield good results. The preliminary treatment is identi- cal voltaren in canada to that previously described with reference to starvation and purgatives and other medicines. Following the hunger period and tea feeding, suitable amounts of one third of a pint of skimmed milk (skimmed at home) and two thirds of a pint of water, boiled with two thirds of an ounce voltaren 100 mg retard of Larosan and sweetened with one half of a grain saccharin, are fed four to six times in the twenty- generic for voltaren four hours and give the best results. An immediate cliange for the better is usually noted in the stools. The strength of the milk is gradually increased and the Larosan omitted until the normal food is reached. No unboiled milk, however, is ever fed. I.arosan is expensive and now unavailable, there- fore, use is made of the butter and milk mixture with flour, sweetened with saccharin as previously described. Thus may be fed far into convalescence, replacing the saccharin by gradually increasing aniounts (one dram up to eight drams to one quart mixture) of cane sugar or dextrimaltose. Finkelstein's albumen milk is just as serviceable, but is difficult to make. When returning to diluted whole or skimmed milk preparations the change is made abruptly, i. c., a feeding Ig omitted and from thence the suitable milk formula is substituted for the buttermilk mixture, the albumen milk, or the Larosan preparation, whichever had been employed. All of these preparations simply act upon the as- sumption that, regardless of the initial cause that

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