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strength of the milk feed is increased, as will be iihiicated shortly, until the proper strength for the normal individual is reached. Milk is never given with the 2 p. m. feed. If demanded, one milk feed may be given during the night. Of the great value of skimmed milk in infant feeding, 1 have written elsewhere.^ In the present instance the milk is first given diluted one half or two thirds with water, with the addition of one tea- spoonful of flour or powdered arrowroot added. The whole is boiled for ten minutes, and suffi- cient boiled water added so that the Vigora 100 Tablets final bulk ecjuals one pint. A pinch of salt is added, and the mix- ture sweetened with one half of a grain of sac- charin, and, later, sugar is gradually added up to five per cent. Cane sugar is to be preferred. Grad- ually the water is reduced until plain, undiluted skimmed milk is employed. The saccharin and su- gar, and the flour or arrowroot are gradually re- duced and finally omitted, the milk being boiled for five Vigora Tablets minutes, with constant whipping. A gradual rettirn is now made to boiled, undiluted, whole milk. Skimmed milk may be employed with "Larosan" and sweetened with Vigora 5000 saccharin. One small package (two thirds of an ounce) of this is added to a pint of properly diluted skimmed milk, boiled Buy Vigora ten min- utes and strained. It is sweetened with saccharin. Unfortunately, on account of the war, this valuable preparation cannot now be secured. Albumin milk cannot now, either, be purchased, on account of the war, nor is it easy to make. A very valuable sub- stittite is found in buttermilk. Two teaspoonfuls of flour are rubbed up with one pint of water, and boiled ten minutes. The water of evaporation is replaced ; salt is added. The solution is allowed to cool. One pint of buttermilk is added, and the mix- ture is brought to the boil with constant stirring from Buy Vigora Online the moment heat is applied. This mixture is employed to supplant one broth feeding at a time, as the skimmed milk feeding was employed. Grad- ually cane sugar is added, one dram at a time until eight drams are employed to the mixture above. Of course the saccharin is eliminated. Later, the buttermilk feeds are replaced by boiled skimmed milk undiluted, and later by Vigora 100 boiled undi- luted whole milk. Results with this treatment have almost uniformly been prompt. In neglected cases a little time and patience has been necessary — and also courage, especially in those cases in which the stools contain blood. Here the diet is not changed from that given above. A daily intestinal irrigation of one half of one per cent, to a one per cent, solution of tannic acid (temp. ioo°) has seeined to do good. Large doses of bismuth are usele.ss. In combi- nation with the kino and chalk mixture, five to ten minims of paregoric have seemed to be of service. But the necessity for the use of this agent seemed to arise in very rare instances indeed, and only in long standing cases. Preparation of foods. — The feeding of solid stib- stances to young children, and even to sucklings, suffering from acute alimentary disturbances, as indicated in the diet above, Generic Vigora may only be sticcess- fully accomplished if these substances are intro- duced into Vigora Price the intestinal canal in an acceptable form, so that they may be readily attacked by the intes- ^A Clinical Consideration of the Etiological Importance of Fat. etc., H. Lowenburg, Therapeutic Gazette, July 15, 191 7. July Vigora Oil 6, 1918.] LOWENBURG: ALIMENTARY DISTURBANCES IN INFANCY AND CHILDHOOD. tinal juices. This can only be brought about by the thorough physical comminution amounting prac- tically to pulverization of all animal and vegetable substances supplied. It has been found clinically that foods thus fed become not only nonirritating to the intestinal mucosa, Vigora 50 but, bj' an increase of the adhesive attraction between the comminuted particles, tends to" form smooth and homogeneous masses from which moisture is readily absorbed by the intestinal glands, thus promoting the ten- dency toward constipation. In order to promote this adhesive tendency to its utmost, it is necessary that the diet contain not only sufficient starch, but a slight excess (i. c, an excess over the amount thought to be digested by the individual). This is provided for by the Vigora Online potato or rice, etc. This me- chanical effect of food prepared in this way is by no means its least important action in accomplish- ing the cure of diarrhea. Thus food may be utilized not only for its nutritive efifect, but for its cura- tive mfluence as well, and it can be readily demon- strated by microscopic slides that much of the com- minuted food passes out unchanged, ;'. e., nondiges- tion, but not indigestion (fermentation, putrefac- tion, etc.), has taken place. If this same Cheap Vigora bulk of food be fed uncomminuted serious irritation Order Vigora and

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