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uppermost in his mind. His zeal impairs hrs good judgment, and is responsible for too frequent, and usually erroneous, changes in the food. Should vomiting be troublesome, a single lavage with warm bicarbonate soda solution (dram one to the pint) may suffice, or one twentieth of a grain of calomel well triturated with a few grains of milk sugar should be placed dry on the tongue every fifteen minutes for about ten doses. During this time absolutely nothing, not even water, is given bv Vibramycin Antibiotics mouth. The last dose is followed by a half ounce of castor oil, as above stated. Those cases which vomit considerably are the very toxic ones. After the oil has acted, tea feeding is inaugurated. Coun- ter irritation with mustard over the epigastrium is often very serviceable. I believe tea to be of greater service and less irritating than dilute cereal or albu- Vibramycin Antibiotic men water, during this period of treatment. Other- wise medicinal treatment is not prosecuted except in those cases wherein the intestinal discharges are highly acid. The following is antacid and astrin- LOWENBURG: ALIMENTARY DISTURBANCES IN INFANCY AND CHILDHOOD. [New York ^DicAL Journal. gent, and is of much assistance, besides being scien- titically correct. Ex. tincture kino 'ni X-IS ; Mist cretre dram I. Freshly made, without sugar. Four times daily, before food. The most important part of treatment, viz., the dietetic, Vibramycin Indications is now inaugurated at the end of the hun- ger period. Four meals are given dail}', as follows, the hours indicated being subject to change accord- ing to Buy Cheap Vibramycin the routine of the household. The prepara- tion of the various ingredients will be discussed following the elaboration Vibramycin Acne of the diet. 6 a. m. : l''at free broth (about six to eight ounces ) . lo a. in.: (a) Fat Buy Vibramycin Online free broth (six to eight ounces) plus sieved rice or farina, or cream of wheat (about two tablespoonfuls), or (b) fat free Vibramycin For Acne broth plus a two Vibramycin Mg minute egg rubbed into a Vibramycin Syrup paste with pulverized bread crumbs made from stale bread dried out in an oven. Vibramycin Hyclate 2 p. m. : Fat free broth (five to six ounces) plus one half of a large, or one whole small, mashed, sieved, baked potato, plus two teaspoonfuls of one or two different kinds of mashed, sieved greens (lima beans, celery root, squash, spinach, boiled let- tuce, carrots, beets, etc.) plus one teaspoonful of finely cut and sieved rare roast beef, lamb chop, chicken or fish, plus dried out bread. 6 p. m. : Fat free broth (six to eight ounces), plain or with two tablespoonfuls of mashed, sieved cereal. Between 6 p. m. and 6 a. m. nothing is fed unless it is urgently demanded, or needed to conserve strength. Then fat free broth or weak tea may be employed. Weak tea may always be given be- tween feeds as a drink. This diet may or may not show an immediate ef- fect upon the stools. As a rule it does, the bowels becoming constipated. Not all children, especially those who are still on the bottle, take to it kindly, for the reason Generic Vibramycin that the feeding of new substances to children in a new way is largely a matter of establishing a new habit, and a matter, therefore, of Order Vibramycin Online educating the individual. Force should never be employed ; tact gives better results. For those who will not or can not take food except through a nipple, Vibramycin Cost the difficulty is not increased. The greens mav be rubbed into a smooth mass with the po- tato, and then the whole is mixed or agitated with six to eight ounces more of broth. The entire con- coction is Vibramycin Suspension fed through a nipple. Tt flows readily, and, should difficulty be experienced, the hole of the nipple may be readily enlarged. When the stools are normal, or nearly so, and considerably reduced in (juantity, a cautious return is made to milk feeding, as follows Vibramycin Tablets : One of three Vibramycin 50mg kinds of milk, variously Vibramycin Doxycycline Hyclate modified as will be indi- cated, are employed, Order Vibramycin viz. : Skimmed milk, albtimen mdk, or butter milk. At first the milk prepara- tion is substituted for the 6 a. m. feed, and a few (lays are allowed to pass, and the effect noted. If no disturbance occurs, another milk feeding is sub- stituted in addition for the lo a. m. feed, and again the effect is noted. Finally, the 6 p. m. feed is re- placed by a milk preparation. Purchase Vibramycin Online Subsequentlv, the

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