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food is of great importance. Thus he sees Buy Vasotec a reason why the milk of one species clots in thick tough masses, another in gelatinous form and still another in fine feathery flocculi. If this be true in a devel- ' oped mental sense, there is no reason why its in- fluence should not logically determine digestive, absorptive and consequently nutritional problems. This can be proven clinically. It further Generic Vasotec follows that if the system requires fat, protein, sugar, and salts it matters not from whence their source. This lias not been sufficiently appreciated in reference to the feeding of infants in health and particularly in reference to the treatment of the acute and subacute alimentary disturbances. I would not lightly dismiss the importance of tood chemistry. Without chemical interchange it is recognized that life itself could not continue. It is intended, however, to emphasize the fact that with reference to digestion the real purpose of chemical Vasotec Enalapril interchange is to so alter the physical nature of food that it ultimately will become suitable for absorption and assimilation. We have a simple but forceful example of this in the first processes of the digestion of protein. Coagulated protein (by heat or by fer- ment; is insoluble, nonabsorbable, nonassimilable, Vasotec 5mg etc. The chemical changes which ensue as the re- sult of the chemical activity of pepsin and of trypsin transform it into soluble, absorbable peptone. By further chemical processes it is found in the blood jis a part of the soluble proteins of the complex sub- stance. Such examples may be innumerably multi- plied and in reference to the fats and carbohydrates as well, all illustrating that the ultimate purpose of food chemistry is to alter the physical state of the aliment. It also appears that njuch may be gained in the conservation of infant energy and nutrition, in fact in infant life itself, if extra corporeal changes Buy Vasotec Online may be accomplished in the physical nature of the vari- ous food elements which will render these more acceptable to the organism, less irritating and at the same time not Purchase Vasotec diminish their nutritional value, in fact, increase it. This finds practical demonstration m the mechanical comminution of food. The idea is not new. Its method of accomplishment for prac- tical purposes will be found to be more than simple. It permits us to Vasotec Uses feed to sucklings even substances which in their unchanged state are Vasotec Iv Push correctly re- garded as noxious. This in itself provides us with a sense of security in handling the acute alimentary disturbances of these patients in whom, up to now, M'e have believed that a maintenance of nutritional balance is absolutely dependent upon some form of milk feeding. If it can be proven that this is not so, we are at once made independent of milk and its derivatives. This is another of the important logical deductions to which reference was made and it pro- vides almost limitless possibilities in managing the various gastrointestinal and nutritional abnormali- ties of the young. Treatment. — I divide the treatment of diarrhea into that for older children, i. e., those who have teeth, or are a year or more old, and, second, that for sucklings, (a) artificially fed babies, (b) breast fed. The quickest and best results by the method to be described are obtained in the first class, although the fact that the infant is an artifically fed suck- ling by no means precludes its use. My experi- ence, however, with Enalapril Vasotec this type of patient, though en- couraging, has not been as extensive, since there are other means at hand which are of service as well, and to which reference will be made. Children with teeth; a year or more old. — -A hun- Vasotec 10 Mg ger period, or starvation of twenty-four to thirty- six hours, is indicated. This removes Vasotec 20 Mg the cause of the diarrhea, viz., the milk. Depending upon the infant being very toxic, castor oil is or is not Vasotec 2.5 ad- ministered. It is usually not needed, as, during the hunger period, the bowel will empty itself on account of its irritating contents. If high Vasotec 2.5 Mg fever, flrowsiness, and other evidence of toxicity indicate the employment of castor oil, a large dose is neces- sary. Never less than one half of one ounce should be given if the temperature persists, and a second dose may become necessary. If the child struggles much, or vomits, the oil Order Vasotec may be injected by means of a large ear syringe through a small catheter passed into the Vasotec Mg stomach through the nose. During the hunger period the child receives nothing by mouth save saccharated tea Vasotec Hctz (one grain of saccha- rine to the quart of tea). This is freely admin- istered at room temperature, irrespective of the presence or absence of vomiting. It is usually ac- ceptable, well retained, and thus supplies fluid, and is very slightly astringent. At the end of twenty- four hours, usually the characteristic "tea stool" — a small, dark brown, greenish Iv Vasotec mucous deposit — is obtained. From this Vasotec 5 Mg point the character of the stools is practically ignored. This is an important clinical fact, for my experience teaches me that the physician frequently becomes vacillating and un- certain Vasotec Iv when the desire to see normal stools becomes

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