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directly upon the intestinal mucosa itself, but upon the food substances. These are thereby so changed in character that they assume the role of foreign irritating substances. Thus, a particular infant may be perfectly capable of digesting and assimilating a certain combination of fat, protein, sugar, and salts until the physical nature of any one or all of these various ingredients becomes changed through some external agency or the tolerance of the individual becomes depressed through some extracorporeal in- fluence, summer heat, for instance. It appears use- less, therefore, in the main to discuss etiologic rela- tionship of fat, protein, or sugar to acute alimentary disturbances in so far as any one of them may be regarded as the primal cause. Depending upon the c'.ction of the individual io them, anv one of them or all of them may be, as a consequence of a change, in their physical makeup, or as just stated, in the individual's tolerance. If Online Valtrex therefore we agree that diarrhea results from Purchase Valtrex the disturbed function of the intestine, it follows that treatment .should have for its object the speedy lestoration of that function to normal, yet that treat- ment which recognizes the individual merely as a gastrointestinal tube and is directed only toward the treatment of the local condition must fail. If the physical character of the food can be so changed that it will be acceptable to the intestinal glands with very little effort, and, on account of this change, to the absorptive apiJaratus, and Valtrex Mg if, mean- while, the cause of the diarrhea be removed, not only will the latter disappear but the nutritional balance will be conserved. A common error, which leads to disastrous re- sults or at least to frequent relapses is that a return to milk or to milk preparations is Buy Valtrex made too soon. All authorities seem to agree that the cause for the acute alimentary disturbance resides somewhere in cow's milk. In spite of this, Valtrex Order based perhaps upon the trite expression, with reference to the perfection of milk as a food, no time is lost to attempt as early a return as possible to Valtrex Buy some form of milk. It is at this juncture that the fatal error is often made, largely on account of our inability to successfully change the physical character of this food and also on ac- count of the inexperience of the individual physi- cian. With reference to the former it may be stated that the protein of the milk is its only ingredient whose physical nature is readily susceptible to change. Therapeutic use of this fact Buying Valtrex has been made in the employment of buttermilk and of Finkel- stein's Eiweismilch^ Reference will again be made to this fact. The fats and sugars, while reducible ■n quantity cannot be successfully, at least from the standpoint of clinical therapeutics, changed or en- tirely eliminated. Another fact of practical impor- tance is that chemically the various individual food elements are identical wherever they are found. Physically, however, they Valtrex Purchase are Valacyclovir Valtrex decidedly ditTerent. The curd of cow's milk is identical chemically, as far as we know, with that of mother's milk and that of the milk of goats and of asses. The same is true of the fats. Physically they are different. It is the writer's opinion that a failure to grasp this funda- mental fact has led to such wide divergence of opin- Valtrex On Line ion between the American and the German School of Pediatrics with reference to the etiologic influence of cow curd upon the alimentary disturbances of infancy and consequently to much confusion in reference to therapeutics. One may feed incalcul- able quantities of cow's curd as fomid in buttermilk or in eiweismilch without causing irritation, in fact allaying it How To Order Valtrex and yet one may inaugurate considerable disturbance by feeding a comparatively insignificant quantity of mechanically or chemically unchanged Valtrex Online curd. Therefore when one speaks of the etiologic influence of curd upon the diarrheas of infancy it becomes necessary Cheap Valtrex to designate the physical state in which it is fed. Likewise cellulose, a hydrocarbon, as it exists in wood is not identical physically with the same sub- stance found in the delicate fibre of the Get Valtrex orange or In apples, peaches, plums, potatoes, etc., and its caloric yield and food value are just as great. It is its physical nature whicli makes it Valtrex Buy Online unacceptable, as wood, to the digestive apparatus of man. One could readily conceive however of this substance Ijeing so Valtrex To Buy changed, physically, by mechanical and July 6, 191S.] LOWENBUKG: ALIMENTARY DISTURBANCES IN INFANCY AND CHILDHOOD. chemical processes as to make it easily digestible and highly nutritious. So examples could be multi- plied innumerably These however sufficiently illustrate the Order Valtrex fact that the 500 Mg Valtrex digestibility and absorbil- ity of any substance depends finally upon its physical makeup. Chapin, although his references are largely directed toward the influence Valtrex 500mg of the curds of the milks of various species upon the future develop- nient of their respective digestive apparatuses, has for years contended that the physical nature of the

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