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at seven Trental Generic feet. The fundus reflex was clearer than at the previous examination. The sector striations Buy Trental were less apparent and the appearance of the small dot-like globules became more apparent. No change was noted on the optic nerve or in the proliferated retinal pigment. Nine days later the examination showed the following condition: vision = twenty-two one hundredths (read first letter on Snellen's test chart). Furidus examination showed a larger area free from lenticular opacification. The striae were less in number, the small globules Trental Online were more evident. Twenty-six days after beginning of treatment the vision = twenty-one one hundredths minus one (read second line of Snellen's test chart, excluding one letter). Oph- thalmoscopic examination revealed again Purchase Trental Online more of the fundus reflex, striations were finer, slightly tortuous, hav- ing a distinct sector outline showing Trental Injection lesser globules than at the previous examination. Case II. ā€” Miss D., forty-five years old. Acute iri- docyelitis complicated with secondary cataract of five July 6, .9iĀ«-] CUMENKO: DYSPITUITARISM. years' standing. Iridectomy was performed on account of secondary glaucoma. Examination before treatment re- vealed vision := counting fingers at six inches. Numerous deposits were present on Descemet's membrane and the lens showed distinct conglomerate Trental Cost opacification in the cen- tre of the pupillary Trental 400 space. The fundus reflex was visible only in the periphery. Four days after beginning of treat- ment the vision =: counting fingers at eight inches. The fundus reflex could be recognized over a larger area. Three Trental 100 Mg radial striations were now evident and two small globules were visible in the centre of the pupillary space. Seven days after beginning of the treatment vision = counts fingers at three feet. Deposits on Decemet's membrane were fewer in number and Trental Mg their size was re- duced. Fundus refle-x is now more evident than Pentoxifylline Trental at pre- vious examinations. Striations and globules were about the same. C-\SE III. ā€” Mr. J. v., forty-one years old. Subcapsular or senile cataract of the right eye. Left eye normal. Ex- amination before treatment gave the following results: vision = motion fingers at three feet. Oblique illumination showed a diffuse grayish mass in pupillary area. No fun- dus reflex could be obtained. Five days after beginning of treatment vision-motion fingers at ten feet. Direct examination revealed a grayish white conglomerate mass in the pupillary space, while in the periphery a large reddish fundus reflex is clearly visible. Seven days after beginning of treatment vision Trental Indications = motion fingers at eighteen feet, counts fingers at four feet. Oblique illumination showed a gray- ish area covering the pupillary space with a few white linear striations scattered in the centre, also Buy Trental Online smaller gray- ish white dots nearer the periphery. Direct ophthalmo- scope examination Order Trental Online showed a much larger diffuse reddish fundus reflex with distinct sector-like striations radiating from the periphery of the lens. The improvement of vision noted in these cases was accompanied by an increased visibility of the fundus reflex which could only be due to a decrease in the Buy Cheap Trental lenticular opacity. A similar phenomenon was never reported to have occurred spontaneously or to have been caused by any other agent. The writers have undertaken a broad study of the subject on animals and on clinical material and expect to present an extensive report at Trental Tablets a future date. It is premature to Generic Trental say whether the action of radium on cataract will have a permanent or any therapeutic value, but the effect it produced on the cases reported is of sufficient interest to warrant the present communication. As for the technic of radium therapy employed in these cases a detailed report will appear in the next paper, but the basic principle may be given briefly. The writers found no mention in the litera- ture of radium treatment of cataracts, but Flemming reported in 191 1 a case of a Order Trental malignant tumor of the orbit which was treated with comparatively small doses of Trental Price radium. It was diminished to such an extent that the cornea became visible and then a senile cataract was found which was not influenced by the radium nor was the perception of light im- paired. On the basis of this case it was decided that for the treatment of cataract as large quantities of radium should be employed as in the modern treatment of cancer with strong filtration so as not to injure the normal structures of the eye. I A New Bacillus. ā€” Dr. H. Tissier has isolated a new bacillus from the must of beer and has foiuid the same in war Purchase Trental wounds and the intestinal flora. It is a mobile, spore giving bacillus, ovoid in shape,

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