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of Chorea by Removal Order Tofranil Online of Adenoids, By B. Holz. 6. Camphor and Generic Tofranil Digitalis, By T. A. Maass. 2. Echinococcus Disease of the Eye. — GreflF proves that echinococcus disease of the eye oc- curs intraocularly, a fact which has hitherto been overlooked or doubted. He reports two un- doubted cases. In both the cysts were simple Cheap Tofranil and contained no daughter cysts, and in both the entire lenticular space behind the lens was filled by the cj'st. 3. Action of Suprarenal Substance on the Cir- culation. — Baum concludes from his experiments that the anxmic effect of suprarenal substance are more powerful and more rapid, and last longer, the more normal the tissue containing the vessel is. The practical result is that the sub- stance must be used only in normal or in slightly pathological tissues. It will not penetrate nor- mal skin. There is a great chemical Purchase Tofranil Online similarity between suprarenal substance and pyrocatechin, the latter acting in the same manner as the for- mer Tofranil Tablets upon small skin defects. Purchase Tofranil The author be- lieves Tofranil Price that suprarenal substance acts on the prin- ciple of reduction. Experiments on frogs show that spermin acts as an accelerator of the pulse and Tofranil Pm as a dilator of the arteries and capillaries, an- tagonistic, therefore, to suprarenal substance in its local action. 4. Encephalomyelitis Hasmorrhagica.^ — Tofranil Uses Hins- mans reports the case of a previously healthy man who began to suffer from high fever, nervous disturbances, and later from weakness Order Tofranil Buy Cheap Tofranil in the ex- tremities. After paraplegia of the legs had ap- peared, the trunk became affected, then, in order, the upper extremities, the diaphragm, the mus- cles of the throat and pharynx, and finally the respiratory centre. The case presented every clinical evidence of acute ascending paralysis, but the autopsy showed it to be one of acute, Buy Imipramine Online dissemi- nated, hasmorrhagic encephalomyelitis. 5. Adenoid Vegetations. — Holz reports two cases which he has classified as Basedow's dis- ease mainly on account of exophthalmos. The author claims this symptom to Buy Tofranil Online have been due to adenoid vegetations, since it disappeared after their removal, recurred with a recurrence of the growths and disappeared again after their second removal. In the second case, a preliminary amygdalotomy had no effect upon the exophthal- mos, but the removal of the adenoid vegetations permanently relieved the symptom. In a third case, a Tofranil Online chorea in a child of seven years of age disappeared after adenoidectomy. 6. Camphor and Digitalis. — Maass says that camphor has a distinct vasodilator influence most noticeable in the regions of the Tofranil Cost jugular and fe- moral veins. Its direct action on the heart has also been proved of late. The author, in speak- ing Buy Imipramine of the well known influence of digitalis, says that a moderate contraction of vessels in the area controlled by the splanchnic nerve, takes place. January jo, 1905. 1. Sprains of the Ankle {To be concluded), By Pels-Leusden. 2. Intestinal Putrefaction in Catarrhal Jaundice, By F. Blumenthal. 3. Two Rhachitic Dwarfs Delivered by Csesarean Section, By Buy Tofranil Helmbold. 4. Chemical Questions as to Carcinoma, By C. Neuberc. 5. Frequency of Primary Intestinal Tuberculosis in Ber- lin, By O. Wagener. 6. Intestinal Diseases in Nurslings, By Salge. 4. Chemical Questions in Carcinoma. — Tofranil Mg Neu- berg has examined primary cancer tissue of the stomach and metastatic deposits in the liver for pentose contents, and finds a greater quantity of pentose in the metastasis than in the primary growth. It follows from this that the primary malignant cells of the gastric growth either un- dergo a degeneration in the liver or that new fer- ments are developed after the deposit of the cells in the Tofranil 50 Mg liver. The author tested the effect of the altered liver tissue upon the lung tissue of the same individual and found that the juices from the hepatic cancer produced an abnormal fermen- tation of the pulmonary proteids. 5. Primary Intestinal Tuberculosis. — Wag- ener found, in 419 autopsies in Berlin, 20 cases of primary intestinal tuberculosis, cases in which the general somatic infection with the tubercle

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