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Bureau's estimated midyear populations of I.943-- the baby." To the improved qualitv of the milk 315 for 1904 and of 1.873,880 for 1903: supply, from these causes, is largely due the re- 1904. 1903. 1904! duction of mortality among children of the milk Total deaths, all causes 26,300 28.914 2,614 feedino- neriod ("one tn fivp vparc nf tjo-p^ fi-/-,,^ tV,<. Annual death rate per 1.000 priligy cost 13.61 15.43 tll.79 '^^"Jii'.-, periuu (one lo nve } ears Ot age j trom order priligy the B.v sejes— number m 1903. The cool summer, however, was Males lo.OiO 16,408 1.332 _ priligy price «^„^; j ui r*- • ^i- ■-. ^ Females 11.224 12.506 1.282 a Considerable factor in this saving of child life. unde?'i 'via?" 5,019 5.316 297 Smallpox, which more than once threatened dapoxetine in india an Between 1 and 3 years 2,034 2.961 927 epidemic Spread from repeated importations online priligy into the ■"^"■imporfant" causes of death- ' ' ' ' °'*^^ ^'^^^ ** city, has been Combated with such vigilance and effi- ipop1e!s°y"".'.°^■'•^■^•''•^^^^'• "■.:;'•::■.:■■• "'fii "'is! ''le ^lency that its mortality is only 30 as compared Bright's disease. .".!'.;;!'.!!!!!'.!!!'. ! 1.842 1.714 •128 with 47 in 1903. This vigilance and efficiencv, lonsSmpUon' '. :.■.■.•.•.■.■.■.■.■.■.■.•.■.•.".".■.•.■.■ 3.i1)f 2.869 414 ^^de possible by the city council's emergency ap- CoS?uWons :•■••.■■:■:■::•■ "i! ^ilt 'II P^opnation. have prevented any panic or undue Diphtheria .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 396 614 218 excitement from buy priligy the continued presence of the Muenz^i'''''":;::::::: :;::;;;:;;: 'i\l -ill tl disease— a presence which must last as long as Nlr^us diseases: i i i '. I i ;;::.::::::: 1.070 i.ll' "9 ^mallpox remains so widespread throughout" the Pneumonia 4.141 4.629 488 country as it now IS. So, too. With diphtheria- ISfcMe '"."■ •:•:.•:;.•:■:::;::::.;: In III "i ^^e department supply of the antitoxine was cut ISlfhlPn^f ■■•; <»fS ^sl -,?- off early in the year and the cheap priligy gravest results were Typhoid fever 616 588 21o ^^^, u j j \ i • -, , , ^ . Violence (other than suicide) 1.556 2,065 509 appreuenaed. A personal Visit and appeal of the ■:^?Ther" cTusfs! :;:;:::::::::::::: dapoxetine hydrochloride 5,«i s.fis sIS commissioner to the New York health commis- If order priligy online the prospect for the immediate future is dis- Tn "abundant! nnfv'J'i°^ ^°""/'' T'" k°"' f "^ ■ ^ ^ ^ dapoxetine india . r *u u 1 ■ ^" abundant supply of the specific has been had couraging a retrospect of the year as a whole is ,in;ntPrr„T.tprii-,r -;„^r otS fc,o,- tt,^« lo^* dapoxetine purchase j .i_ i- - ■'^' , . J 5 t , ^^ J It, f I Mj °^ ^^° lewer than last vear and the fewest since last vear; a reduction of 1,224 deaths of children dapoxetine online ,q_q ,,,v,„„ +),„ ,-.• , , J ' £ f • 1 :!• _ r uMj 1^/8, when the population was less than one under five vears of age, including 927 of children fr„,rtVi ttr^f nf r^^LS^ r^ 1 dapoxetine buy c r ^1 • ... <.u -ir r J- purchase priligy generic priligy • J c 1T \u u ^ ■ lourth that at present. Onlv five of the imoor- at the milk feeding period of life; the best sani- ^nnt- f-Q„=Pc ^f Hoo-h, uni mc ... A ^i ^ c 4. u -J c acute intestinal diseases, which were sixteen more ishing death rate from tvphoid fever; a success- than in Trv-,o fi,^ ^^„^^^ u ■ ."=="-"^'-^^11 mure r I u i^i vu r i • ^ ,.■ e 1, than in 1903, the causes showine increases were ful battle with frequent importations of sma - h;<:m=p<: r.'^.Pr wVi.vP, c^n.Vo^ cr & '""-'"^''^'^^ ^^f^e .,/ r ^ '^ c purchase priligy online ^, diseases over which sanitary eriort and oreventive pox-are among the features of the year upon ^.edicine buy cheap priligy have as yet gained little or n^o control which the commissioner of hea th bases the claim These are apoplexy, 1^16; Bright's disease S- tha^Chicago has maintained its buy priligy online record for high- consumption. priligy tablets 234: and c;ncer^ 59 Zre than in • Increase. tPer cent. the previous year. 502 PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE.

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