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tube displacement 3 inches Image displaced Actual distance r/y inch tncshes foreign body to plate, inches Anticathode phenergan 25 distance 14 inches, tube displacement 2 inches Image displaced Indicates foreign 1/7 inch meshes body distance from plate, inches 1 0.9 Calculation of Distance from Foreign Bodv to Wire Netting. Known factors. Therefore: BD+DF — 21 inches AB ; phenergan dm FG : : BD : DF AC phenergan codeine syrup = 3 inches iVi : Vi : : BD :DF AB— I'i inches phenergan with codeine EG- 1 inch cheap phenergan C7 meshes of 1/7 DF is Vs phenergan iv as long as BD DF is Vi of BD phenergan syrup + DF FG— 'i inch (in this particular DF IS ;4 of phenergan cream 21 = 5.25 inches. ,\s the table is not earned phenergan use be- ABD is a triangle whose angles yond the .first decimal place this are equal phenergan and codeine to those of the tri- IS given .IS 5.3 inches. order phenergan angle DFG. Fig. 3.— Changed position of the image of the foreign body in the second radiograph. The wire net and the phenergan online lead marker, T, are fixed landmarks. GRIFFITH: HYPERPYREXIA. twenty-one inch tube distance is desirable. The cases where a single plate is unsuitable are the numerous ones in which the phenergan mg shadow of the for- eign! body might chance to lie in the shadow of a phenergan vc bone, and might, therefore, not be clearly visible. When two plates are used some device like a stereoscopic or tunneled plate holder is required phenergan codeine if the patient lies upon purchase phenergan the plate. I use simply a board one half inch thick, with a space underneath for the plate in its cassette, usually with 25 mg phenergan an phenergan buy inten- sifying screen. The plate must be removed without moving the patient, or the phenergan dm syrup lead marker, or the wire

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