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tap-water, etc., but better success was obtained with vitreous and aqueous hu- mors. The interesting fact is recorded that when the germs were wholly im- mersed in the vitreous humor they failed to develop. This fact, the writer sug- gests, might be utilized with reference to treatment of the disease. No success was had in cultivating either the microsporon furfur^ the acho- rion Schoenleinii, or the bacterium de- calvans. The last-named fungus, which is regarded by Thin as the cause ot alopecia areata, is said to be very diflB- cult to demonstrate. The germs are exceedingly small, and in sound hairs it is not easy to see such minute objects, while in diseased hairs Buy Nizagara Online the fat and pig- ment granules tend to make the field obscure. When seen, they appear uni- form in size and in refractive qualities. Two or three of them Nizagara Online are generally joined together end to end. It is stated that they enter the hair follicle between the internal root sheath and the shaft. Toward the root of the hair they pene- trate the hair substance and there mul- tiply, gradually ascending upward in the shaft, causing it to become disorganized. This is opposed to the theory that these skin parasites are identical with the common fungi, such as asperf/illus glau- cns, penicillium glaiicxnn, torula, etc., but the author believes they are peculiar to the skin of a few of the mammals, and perhaps also to some few otiier soils. 24. According to Neumann's descrip- tion, the chief pathological changes of the skin in measles were confined to the cutaneous glands and blood-vessels. About the walls of the blood-vessels, especially in the upper portion of the cutis, there were growths of round cells that accompanied the vessels into the capillary loops in the papilla). The vessels themselves were dilated. The round cells we:e also thickly deposited about the walls of the swe.'it glands, including the excretory ducts. They never appeared upon the inside of the walls, but always outside. The same changes were found in the sebaceous glands. The tissue of the cutis was unaffected. The hair follicles were en- larged — club-shaped — near the insertion 670 QUARTERLY REPORT 01^ DERMATOLOGY. of the arrector pili muscles, and, like the sweat and sebaceous glands, were cov- ered with round cell growths. In scarlatina, Neumann found an en- tirely ditFerent set of changes. The cells in the deeper layers of the rete (the prickle cells) were swollen, and also their nuclei. Many of the cells became elongated and spindle-shaped, inclosing interspaces between them. Exudation cells were so numerous as in places to displace the epidermis entirely, and ap- peared free upon the surface. The con- nective tissue of the cutis was swollen, and the fibrous bundles were thickened, separated here and there by cellular growths and greatly enlarged blood- vessels. Some of the vessels were di- lated to ampullae. It Nizagara Tablets is maintained that the nearness of the exudation cells to the surface in scarlatina accounts for the contagious- ness of that disease during the stage of desquamation, while in measles tlie fact that the epidermis is Buy Nizagara unimplicated ac- counts for the uniform failure of at- tempts to inoculate the disease by means of epidermic scales, whether ap- plied to the skin or introduced by the stomach. Experiments at inoculation of Order Nizagara this disease have succeeded only with the blood or some of the secretions (such as the nasal mucus, saliva, and tears). The marked implication of the follicles and blood-vessels would imply, the writer thinks, that it is by these avenues that the poison seeks to make its escape from the body, evincing thus a certain analogy with some of the drug exanthems.

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