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croscopical appearances at different points. Thus, Sl Nitroglycerin while upon the scalp the rete was found markedly involved, with new formation of cells, upon the abdo- men the rete and papillary layer were unaffected. It is to be noted, however, that upon the abdomen the thickened scales had been loosened, and the con- Nitroglycerin Buy dition here may have represented a more advanced stage of the disease, in which exfoliation had taken place, and the subjacent cutaneous Nitroglycerin Mg strata had re- sumed their normal state. Some little confusion arises in the writer's descrip- tion from his applying the term corium to what Sublingual Nitroglycerin is usually known as the corneous layer of the epidermis. [Under the name of " congenital keratomatous de- generation of the epidermis," the Buy Nitroglycerin Online lead- ing features of the case have already been described in this journal. (See the October number, p. 408.)] 21. The Order Nitroglycerin pathology of the peculiar growth that sometimes Nitroglycerin Tablet affects Nitroglycerin Tablets the nares, which was described first by Hebra, and by him named rhinoscleroma, has never been definitely settled. Hebra and Ka- posi have regarded it as a form of neo- SYPHILOGRAPHY, Buy Cheap Nitroglycerin AND GENITO-URINARY DISEASES. ggg plasm, while others — Geber and Miku- licz, for example — have Nitroglycerin Iv maintained that it was of the nature of a chronic inflam- mation. Von Frisch, the latest investi- gator in this connection, adberes to the latter view, but, going beyond his pre- decessors, claims to have discovered Nitroglycerin Spray the probable cause of the inflammatory pro- cess in the presence of bacteria. They Spray Nitroglycerin were found, for the most part, in the round cells which constitute the mass of the disease tissue. Their form was that of short rods, their length being only once and a half as great as their breadth. Usually they were arranged in twos. They were visible only with high powers (^V immersion). These little bacilli lay almost exclusively within tlie cell wall, though Nitroglycerin Cream occasion- ally they were found in the interspaces of the connective tissue and between the cells. The large, swollen cells, re- garded by Mikulicz Nitroglycerin Sl as cells undergoing retrogi'ade metamorphosis with "drop- sical " degeneration, Nitroglycerin Sublingual contained the bac- teria in greatest abundance. Some- times the bacilli were arranged about the entire circumference of tbe cell just within its border, or Nitroglycerin 2 they formed little rows extending from the peripliery toward the center in the form of radii. Here and there they were so densely packed together as to Ntg Nitroglycerin fill the entire area of the cell. These Buy Nitroglycerin cells filled with bacteria were most numerous near the surface, each one forming the center of a colony of bacteria cells. Tlie writer minutely describes the method of coloring the sections, upon the importance of which much stress is laid- Successful experiments were made in cultivating the bacteria artificially. All attempts to inoculate tlie lower ani- mals failed. Summing up the results of his inves- tigations, the writer believes that the presence of bacteria in the tissues af- fords the most plausible explanation Iv Nitroglycerin of the irritating, inflammatory changes which mark the disease. The writer points out the fact that the entire dissimilarity of tlie bacterial forms of this disease to those tbat have been met with in lepra precludes the notion of the two diseases being in any way allied to each other. 27. Thin contributes some practical points with reference to the fuwji of parasitic skin diseases. He is a little skeptical with regard to many of the cultivation experiments that have been reported. The fungi of most of the diseases were found by no means easy to cultivate. In the case of the trico- phyton tonsurans it was found impos- sible to get any satisfactory results with the ordinary fluids used for this pur- pose — such as carrot infusion, Cohn's fluid, salt solution, egg-albumin, milk,

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