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In Micardis Hct Generic order to do this, a standard of strength must be adopted by which to measure all preparations. The best standard would seem to be the propor- tion Micardis Alternatives of aconitia ; but aconitia is present in Micardis Plus 80 25 Mg such very small quantity that no process of assay is practically applica- ble, and, moreover, aconitia as met with is quite as variable as the prepara- tions of aconite. The author has de- cided to adopt as a criterion the sting- ing and tingling sensation, known as the "aconite sensation," which is pro- duced when a solution containing aco- nite is taken into the mouth. The author considers a well-made fluid extract of the root, obtained by repercolation with alcohol alone from good Micardis Substitute root, to be the best preparation. Each parcel of it as bought by the pharmacist or Micardis Mycard Program physician should be tested as follows: One tenth of a minim should be dis- solved in a fluidrachm of water and held in the anterior portion of the mouth for one minute by the watch, and then spit out. No immediate sen- sation will Micardis Generic Equivalent be felt, but within ten min- ntes a distinct aconite sensation will be felt, and will last for from a quarter to half an hour. Of course, the mouth Micardis 80 Mg Price •hould be well rinsed before the test is applied. Any good fluid extract of aconite root should stand this test. When one is met with which does not stand it, it may be systematically diluted to a less degree until the sensation is reached, and then Micardis Mycard the amount of dilu- tion will approximately measure its ' shortage in strength. Following out this method, Dr. Squibb estimates the strength of the dift'erent preparations by diluting and testing, as described in the case of the fluid extract of the root; he then takes the latter as a standard or unit and compares the other preparations with it, and devel- ops a scale. It is an argument in favor of the " aconite sensation " as a test Is There A Generic For Micardis Micardis Plus 80 Mg of preparations, that the commercial meth- od of selecting good Generic Micardis Hct root is to bite ofl: a small fragment and chew for a few minutes between the front teeth, re- jecting Micardis Telmisartan 80 Mg those samples which do not pro- duce the "' aconite sensation." It seems fair to take as a test of preparations what has been adopted as a test of original crude materials. Dr. Squibb deduces the following table of rela- Micardis Plus 40 Mg tive strengths, in which one Micardis Telmisartan 40 Mg minim of the fluid extract of the root (equal in strength to one grain of the pow- dered root) is taken as equal to, respec- tively : Alcoholic ext. of aconite root J grain U. S. P. tincture " " 2-(jtt minims Br. P. " " " .... 8-43 •' German P. " " " llS Fleminj^'s " " " 1-5 minim Powdered aconite leaf 9 grains Fluid ext. of " " 9 minims Alcoholic ext. of dried aconite leaf. 1'5 grain English ext. of fresh leaf (Allen's). 1 " Tincture of aconite leaf. 72 minims From this table it appears that the preparations of the root are nine times as strong as the corresponding prepara- tions of the dried leaf. If one minim of the fluid extract Buy Micardis Hct of the root be taken as a commencing dose, the columns rep- resent the equivalent doses of all these preparations, provided they be well made from good materials. Comparing the four aconitias, Dr. Squibb deduces the following ratio: One grain of aco- nite root, or one minim Micardis Hct 40mg 12.5mg of the fluid ex- tract of the root, equals 1 grain of ordinary aconitia, ^ grain of Micardis Plus 80 12.5 Mg Merck'a aconitia from aconitum napellus, -^ grain of Merck's aconitia from aconitum ferox ('' Himalaya Generic For Micardis Hct root "), y^-j grain of Dnquesnel's aconitine. According to this, ordinary aconitia (from which oleates, etc., are made) is no stronger than the powdered aconite root, and is 111 times Micardis 40 Mg Price weaker than the aconitine of Duquesnel. The last preparation is crystalline, the other aconitias being apparently amorphous. Dr. Squibb considers Duquesnel's decidedly the

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