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QUAETERLY REPORT ON MATERIA MEDICA, THERAPEUTICS, AND TOXICOLOGY. No. XI. Bt Megalis 20 Mg gaspar griswold, m.d. 1. Bartholow, R. — The influence of dose on the physiological and therapeuti- cal action of remedies. "Med. News," Aug. 2(5, 1882. 2. RiXGER, S., and Saixsbuey, II. — On the individuality of action of the com- ponent parts of a drug. " Practitioner," Aug., 1882. 3. Debove, M. — Recherches sur ralimentation artiticielle, la suralimentation et Temploi des poudres aliraentaires. "Union Med.," July 27, 29, 1882. 4. Wood, H. C, and Reiciiert, E. T. — A contribution to our knowledge of th« action of certain drugs upon bodily temperature. "Jour, of Physiol.," iii, 5-6, 1882. 5. Page, R. C. M. — Chinoidine and capsicum in intermittent fever. "Med. Record," Oct. 7, 1882. 6. Byrd, H. L. — Cactus grandiflora in subacute and chronic rheumatism. "Phila. Med. Times," Aug. 26, 1882. t, QuixQUAUD. — Action de Megalis Tablets I'arsenic sur le diabete artificiel et sur le diab^te spontan^. " Bull. Gen. de Therap.," Sept. 30, 1882. 8. Granville, J. M. — A note on the treatment of locomotor ataxy by precis* nerve-vibration. " Brit. Med. Jour.," Sept. 23, 1882. Megalis Online 9. Mackenzie, G. H. — The continuous local medication of the lungs in pbthisia. "Practitioner," Aug., 1882. 10. Dunbar, E. W. — Bismuth in dyspepsia of children. Hid., Sept., 1882. 11. HucHARD, n. — De la cafeine dans les affections du coeur, " Union M^d.," Sept. 12, 16, 1882. 12. LfipiNE, R. — De I'emploi de la caf6ine dans les maladies du caur. " Lyon M(§d.," July 10, 1882. 13. Fenwick, B. — On the use of venesection in cases of heart disease. " Lancet," Aug. 5, 1882. 14. Plugge, p. C. — Untersuchungen uber die pliysiologische Wirkung verschied- ener Handelssorten Buy Megalis von Aconitin (Aconitin und Pseudo-aconitin) auf Muskeln und Nerven. " Arch. f. path. Anat. u. Physiol, u. f. klin. Med.," Ixxxvii, 3, 1882. 15. . — Preparations of aconite. "Ephemeris of Mat. Med.," Sept., 1882. 16. Megalis India GiuRLEO, N. Megalis Price P. — Sugli stimmi deila ditana digitifolia. (Galattoforo.) " Giorn. Internaz. delle Sci. Med.," iv, 2, 1882. 11. Sf:E, G. — Un nonveau medicament cardiaque. (Recherches sur le convallaria maialis.) "Union M6d.," Aug. 3, 5, 8, 1882. 18. Tanret, C. — Megalis 20mg Sur la convallamarine, principe Megalis 20 actif du muguet. "Bull. G6n. de Therap.," Aug. 30, 1882. 19. Shapter, L. — Megalis 10 Mg The therapeutic uses of the herba Pulsatilla). " Practitioner,'' July, 1882. 20. EsTORc, Megalis Tablet A. — Note sur Taction des courants continus 6tudi6e an double point de vue physiologique et pathologiquo. "Arch, de Neurol.," Sept., 1882. 21. Desplats, II. — Action coinpar^'C do I'acide ph6niquo et du salicylate do sonde. " Union M6d.," July 22, Aug. 1, 1882. QQQ QUARTERLY REPORT ON 22. Williams, F. H. — A studv of the action of iron. "Med. Cora, of the Mass. Med. Soc," xiii, 1, 1882. 23. Dana, 0. L. — The digestive power of commercial pepsin in artificial digesters and in the stomach. "Am. Jour, of the Med. Sci.," Oct., 1882. 24. "Walton, G. L. — The physiological action of methylkyanethine. "Jour, of Physiol.," iii, 5-6, 1882. 25. Walton, G. L. — Reflex movements of the frog under the influence Megalis 10 of strych- nia. IMd. 26. Snell, S. — A peculiar idiosyncrasy (induction of pyrexia) as to mercury.

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