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24. Lancereaux discusses at length the subject of icterus graris, first taking np the idiopathic form of the affection, which may occur epidemically, and has been is there a generic for maxalt denominated "typhoid jaundice.'' This latter affection occurs most com- monly in the late summer and in the autumn, and can generally be found to depend upon miasmatic influences. It is a constitutional disease, characterized, according to the author, by a local lesion of the glandular secretory substance of tlie liver, without any involvement of the interstitial connective tissue or of the biliary ducts. The latter circum- stance is inferred from tlie fact that the fseces retain their normal color. The invasion of the disease is rapid, the patient passing speedily into a state of prostration, in which he presents all the appearances of a man severely ill with typhoid fever. The chief maxalt melt symptoms, in addition to the jaundice, are marked headache, chills and eleva- tion of temperature, vomiting, severe and persistent maxalt melts muscular pains, epistaxis frequently, and less often haemorrhages from various parts of the body. The urine is maxalt cost scanty, contains bile-pigment, and is usually albuminous. The liver is enlarged and tender, order maxalt online and the vspleen also is increased in size. The disease usually runs its course in from seven to nine days, although relapses are fre- quent, prolonging its duration to two, three, or even four weeks. In fatal cases death usually occurs at the end of the first week. Convalescence is slow. The effect of quinine upon the course of the disease is well marked, maxalt 5 mg and this fact would seem to confirm the theory of a miasmatic origin. - The author also touches upon the symptomatic form of icterus gravis, which is observed in connection with yellow maxalt rpd 10mg fever and price of maxalt phosphorus poison- ing, and also as an occasional compli- cation of typhoid and typhus fevers, pneumonia, septicaemia, etc., but he adds little to what is already known upon the maxalt canada subject. [The tendency of late years has been to do away with the minute patholog- ical distinctions which have been sup- posed to exist between the lesions of idiopathic icterus gravis attended with atrophy of the liver (acute yellow atro- phy) and those of yellow fever and of phosphorus poisoning. According to most authors, the lesions common to these several conditions are not con- fined strictly to the glandular substance of the liver, as Lancereaux asserts, but involve, to a variable degree, the inter- stitial connective tissue, and probably the biliary canaliculi as well. And Weyl, in 1878, while administering phosphorus to animals, maxalt mlt coupon was able, by va- rying the dose, to produce at maxalt tablets will either markedly interstitial or purely paren- chymatous changes in the liver. Again, the hepatic lesions found in two cases of yellow fever by Lebredo are almost cost of maxalt identical with those of acute yellow atrophy; and even Griesinger, who maintained that maxalt melt 10mg these two diseases were of an essentially maxalt mlt price different nature, had to admit that there was no diagnosti- cating them if occurring under the same climatic conditions (Mathieu, "Arch. Gen. de Med.," 1880). It would seem, therefore, that the essential cause of yellow fever, acute yellow atrophy, and idiopathic icterus without liver atrophy, must exert precisely the .«ame effect upon the hepatic tissues that QUARTERLY REPORT ON MATERIA MEDICA, ETC. 659 phosphorus does, cheap maxalt while it differs from really identical in all these affections the latter in exciting febrile and buy maxalt online other — is, of course, quite uncertain.] general constitutional disturbances. 27. Kidd mentions a curious case maxalt mlt tablets in What this essential cause is — whether which a patient suffering from Brighfa it is a choltemia, a cholesteraemia, or a disease had two brothers, nine (out of uraemia, or, as seems more likely, a twelve) children, and two grandchildren bactersemia — and wliether the cause is maxalt rpd 10 who were affected in the same way. maxalt mlt generic

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