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taking place in the brain substance it- self. The essential lesion of the dis- Generic Name For Macrobid ease, upon which the generalized Buy Macrobid vaso- motor spasm depends, is probably seated in the peripheral sympathetic system, which, as is well known, has 80 much to do with the regulation of the vascular caliber, and perhaps there Macrobid 50 Mg may be an additional lesion affecting the great vaso-motor centers of the medulla oblongata. 20. Balfour adduces various argu- ments to prove that the cause of so- called hmmic or Mood murmurs is seated in an actual dilatation of the heart, and especially of the left auricle. Experiments upon animals who are bled profusely show that an anasmic mur- mur does not develop till the original volume of blood has been more than made up by an addition of serum, so that the condition productive of a mur- mur is not properly one of anaemia, but rather of spanaemia, Macrobid Cost or, as some Macrobid Online choose to call it, serous poly^mia. In this state, the cardiac muscle being re- laxed Macrobid Price and the volume of blood increased, a certain amount of dilatation is inevit- able. The current of blood regurgitat- ing through the dilated mitral orifice sets the relaxed auricular wall into vi- bration, and thus produces a murmur. The tricuspid orifice is then affected, and jugular pulsation and a venous bruit are the consequences. In this way the usual mitral site of the mur- mur is accounted for, as well as the pulsation Macrobid Generic which is often quite appreci- able over the base of the heart, and which is sometimes so pronounced as to lead to the diagnosis of aneurism. In this way, too, is Order Macrobid explained the pe- culiarity in the conduction of the bruit — a peculiarity difficult to understand if, as some suppose, the aorta is its seat of origin ; and if, as others believe, Purchase Macrobid the bruit originates in the pulmonary ar- tery, there seems to bo no good reason why the aorta should not be afiected as well. The dilatation of the right ventricle accounts for the obscuration of the apex-beat so common in these cases; for here an additional mass ot cardiac substance is interposed between the chest-wall and the apex of the heart. =^= Allbutt, in Macrobid Vs Cipro commenting upon Balfour's paper, agreed with him in this, that Generic Macrobid cardiac dilatation waa much more common than was ordina- rily supposed, and that the lighter forms 658 QUARTERLY REPORT Buy Macrobid Online ON GENERAL MEDICINE. were to be regarded as readily curable affections. Others, who criticised the Macrobid For Men author's views, maintained that the pulmonary artery was the seat of the anaemic murmur, and argued that car- diac dilatation and auricular pulsation were not frequently observed in these cases. [Attention has several times of late been called to the frequency of transient and curable cardiac dilatation. Heitler, in particular, has described several cases of this sort. (See last Quarterly Report.) Fothergill also has met with curable forms of cardiac dila- tation. The ascription of anaemic mur- murs to Cipro Vs Macrobid the eifect of such a dilatation Price Of Macrobid is not altogether new. Scheperln has advanced a theory very similar to that of Balfour. It is curious that just the converse of this theory is held by some pathologists — namely, that the anfemic murmur is doe to the contraction of the heart consequent upon the diminution in the total Macrodantin Vs Macrobid volume of circulating blood. The mechanism of the production of a bruit on this hypothesis, as shown by experiments of Chauveau, is found in the fact that a musical sound is Macrobid Vs Macrodantin devel- oped when a circulating fluid passes from a constricted to a dilated portion of Generic For Macrobid the closed tube in which it is con- fined ; in this case, from the contracted ventricle to the expanded aorta. The same mechanism might, however, be invoked to account for Macrobid Generic Name the production of a murmur by the passage of the blood from the contracted pulmonary veins to a dilated auricle.]

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