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closure takes place both at the glot- tis and at the supra-glottic orifice; and the disposition of the parts is such that the inspiratory current tends to ap- proximate them Lovegra 100mg still more closely, while the expiratory current finds an easy outlet. In this way the peculiar char- acter of the breathing in so-called spasm of the glottis is readily ex- plained. 14. Ross reviews a number of cases of labia -glosso - pharyngeal paralysis which were found to depend upon cere- bral lesion, the medulla being intact. The site of the lesion was in some in- stances cortical, in other cases in the substance of the hemispheres ; and in the Lovegra Tablets latter case the lenticular nuclei were uniformly found to be the parts affected. This circumstance is ex- plained by Meynert on the ground that the lenticular nucleus is a gan- glion of interruption between the cor- tical centers and the medullary nu- clei; but Ross is rather inclined to regard it as due to an interference with the direct channel of communication GENERAL MEDICINE, 657 existing between the medulla and the cortex. 15. In one of Russell's cases of loco- motor ataxia what appeared to be gas- tric crises were developed two years before the advent of any other symp- toms. In the second case, about a year after the first symptoms of the disease, tliere was necrosis of the pha- langes of both great toes, and afterward periostitis of the terminal phalanges of the second toes. The symmetry of the lesions is worthy of remark as pointing to a central origin. Lovegra Online 16. Tlie symptoms attending iAe gras- tric crises of the pre-ataxic stage of loco- motor ataxia are usually those of a gas- tralgia, and not of primary gastric irri- Buy Lovegra Online tability, the pain being by far the most prominent symptom, and tlie emesis being a secondary phenomenon, and one that is occasionally absent. Lu- pine, however, has observed some cases in which the pain was absent, and the Lovegra Price gastric symptoms were confined to an extreme intolerance of food. In one case this irritability Lovegra Uk was so excessive that even a drop of water would be rejected instantly, and this condition persisted for two weeks. 17. The principal nervous symptoms observed, in myxoidema^ according to Hadden, are sluggishness and inco-or- dination of the voluntary movements, diminution in the intensity and retarda- tion in tlie reception of sensory impres- sions, the presence of formication and otiier dys!BsthesifB, the occurrence of disturbances of all the special senses, a proneness to fatigue on slight exertion and a tendency to somnolence during the day and to unpleasant dreams at night, severe headache, mental lethargy, emotional disturbances, and Generic Lovegra mental in- stability, amounting sometimes to actual insanity. These symptoms, Lovegra For Women as well as Buy Lovegra the more striking objective features of the disease — the solid cedema of the skin and connective tissue, the decrease in the size Cheap Lovegra of the thyroid gland, the subnormal temperature and tlie diminu- tion in the rate of tissue metamor- phosis — are all ex])lainable, according to the author, upon the ground of a primitive general angiospasm, both of the blood-vessels and of the lymphatics, producing in tiie former case a condi- tion of imperfect nutrition and low vitality in all the tissues, and, in the latter, universal lymphatic obstruction, with a subsequent myxoid degeneration of the accumulated products. The se- 48 verer cerebral symptoms are dependent upon a secondary degenerative change

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