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trustees of the Philadelphia Academy of Surgery, once in five years. The subject of Dr. Wright's essay was Biology of the Microorganism of Actinomycosis, founded upon his own patho- logical investigations at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Wright is a Johns Hop- kins graduate, about 35 years of age, is on the staff of Buy Cheap Lopid the Massachusetts General Hospital, and is an instructor in the Harvard Buy Lopid Online Medical School. Nurses Graduated from the Massachusetts General Hospital. — Edith Edna Deland, Nellie Lopid Cost Jane Harvey. Helen Genevieve Cody. Aletta Avildia Clark, Olga Emilie Abler, Izah Mitchell, Amy Otis Gamage, Violet Laura Kirke. Justina Adeline Briggs, Annie Catharine Carstensen, Catharine Gemfibrozil Mg Beattie, Olive Blanche Golding. Mary Stella Doherty, Mary Eulalia 'Smyth. Miriam Bertha Lopid Mg Holder. Maude Evelyn Retallick, Nellie Maude Ford, Nellie Addie S'teevens, Mary Rose Walsh, Rose Butler, Katherine Roche Molonev, Hannah R. Hogan, Mabel J. Seaver, Gertrude B. Hislop. Lena B. Tompkins, Mary A. MicNeil, Grace P. Hurlbut, Emma A. Armstrong, and Jes- sie L. Brown. Pneumonia in Chicago. — There were 162 fewer deaths from pneumonia — nearly 24 per cent, less — than during February, 1904 ; but Lopid Tablets the consump- tion mortality remains substantially unchanged — 285 and 278, respectively. Since the beginning of the current pneumonia season. October i, 1904, up to March 4, 1905, there have been 1.299 deaths 500 XEIVS ITEMS. from consumption, and 193 from pneumonia, out of a total of 11,350 from all causes. These figures give proportions of 11.4 per cent, of the total mor- Cheap Lopid tality for consumption, 18 per cent, for pneu- monia, and an excess of 49 per cent, of pneumonia over consumption. There were only 3 deaths re- ported from typhoid fever during the week and on)}- 15 for the month of February. Generic Lopid A Medical Library for Atlantic City. — A medi- cal library has been established by the Gemfibrozil 600 Mg Atlantic City Academy of Medicine, and this society has entered into an arrangement with the Atlantic City Free Public Library by which a room has Gemfibrozil 600mg been set apart for its books and periodicals. These will, however, only be given out to members of the academy and their friends, as it is deemed un- wise to Gemfibrozil Price allovV the public free access to medical books. Physicians visiting Atlantic City will be extended every courtesy the library can offer. Contributions on medical subjects will be gladly received and may be directed Gemfibrozil Cost to Dr. William Edgar Darnall, president of Order Lopid Order Lopid Online the academy, or Dr. Philip Marvel, chairman of the committee. Statement of Mortality in Chicago for the Week Ending March 4, 1905, compared with the preceding week and with the corresoonding week of 1904. Death rates computed on United States Census Bureau's estimated midyear populations of 1.990.750 for 1905. and of 1,932,315 for 1904: Mar. 4. Feb. 25, Mar. 5, 1905. 1905. 1904. Total deatlis, all causes 627 637 625 Annual death rate per 1.000 15.94 16.73 16.91 B.v se.xes — Males 369 377 364 Females 25s 260 Lopid 60 Mg 261 By ages — Under 1 year 129 168 102 Between 1 and 5 Lopid Price years 60 75 44 Over 60 years 145 122 142 Important causes of death — Acute intestinal diseases 24 30 27 Apoplexy Lopid 600mg 16 Buy Lopid 14 8 Brights disease Gemfibrozil 600 33 28 33 Bronchitis 35 41 30 Consumption 73 71 54 Cancer 25 23 14

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