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of his article which Dr. Billings in- sisted upon so strongly in lisinopril 10 his address before the International Medical Gon- gress at London in 1881. "Through the cervix " may mean several different things.] The author thinks that effect- ive drainage will be accomplished after removal of the uterus by passing a tube through the cervical hctz 12.5 lisinopril canal, secur- ing it in position by a ligature thrown around the stump. He thinks the method practicable in cases where the canal will admit of the introduction of a tube with a caliber of a quarter of an inch. Tlie tube should be of silver, one line in thickness, an inch and a half in length, with a depression a fourth of an inch from the upper extremity for holding the hgature. Through holes in the lower end lisinopril 20 of the 20 mg lisinopril tube two loops lisinopril hctz 20 of silver wire twelve inches long are to be passed. After the uterus has been cut off the tube is order lisinopril to be introduced into the cervical canal, lisinopril 5 through the vagina, upon a lisinopril 10 mg long curved guide purchase lisinopril made for the purpose, and is to progress as far as the internal os. Then the liga- ture is to be tied around the stump, passing also into the depression of the lisinopril 40 mg tube, and its ends are to be allowed lisinopril 12.5 to pass through the tube into the vagina. The vagina is to be plugged with a sponge properly carbolized, which is to be renewed sufficiently olton, and the parts are to be otherwise disinfected by suitable injections. When the in- jections lisinopril 10mg are made, the lumen of the drainage tube is to be closed by means of a sponge tent. As granulation pro- ceeds at the upper end of the tube, the latter is gradually to be drawn down until it is thought expedient to lisinopril 20mg remove it altogether. The author performed the operation as here dc>;cribcd upon a mare whose uterus was ruptui-ed dur- ing labor, the Ibal pasMng into the peritoneal cavity. The operation was perfectly satisfactory in its results, and he thinks it would bo worthy of trial upon the human subject. QUAKTERLY REPORT ON GENERAL MEDICINE, No, XIL By ALEXANDER DUANE, M. D., OF THK HOUSE STAFF OF THE NEW YORK HOSPITAL. 1. Cadiat, O. — Rhuraatisrae osseux lisinopril hctz 12.5 mg on osteite rhumatismale. "Rev. do M6d.," Sept., 1882. 2. online lisinopril OsLER, W. — On echinococcus cheap lisinopril disease in America. " Am. Jour, of the Med. Sci.," Oct., 1882. 3. PoNFiCK, E. — lisinopril buy Zur Geschichte der Actinomykosc. "Arch. f. path. Anat. u. Physiol, u. f. klin. Med.," Ixxxvii, 3, 1883. g54 QUARTERLY REPORT ON 4. Leeotix, C. — Da pahidisme lisinopril 5 mg congenital et du role del'h6r6dite dans I'^tiologie du paludisme infantile. "Rev. de Med.," July, 1882. 5. Yern'euil. — Contribution a I'histoire du paludisme congenital. Tbid.^ -A^ug-? 1882. 6. Almquist, E. — Tyfoidfeberns Bakterie. I. " Nord. med. Ark.," xiv, 10, 1882. 7. Desplats, H. — Traitement de la fievre typlioide par I'acide pLenique. "Bull, Gen. de Th6rap.," Sept. 15, 1882. 8. Leroux, H. — Contribution a I'etude de la paralysie diphtheritique. " Rev. de Med.," Sept., 1882. 9. BiANcni, A. — Le cause e gli effetti della insolazione. [Riv. sintet.] " Speri- mentale," June, 1882. 10. Amidon, R. W. — The myography of nerve lisinopril 12.5 mg degeneration in animals and man. " Arch, of Med.," Aug., 1882. 11. Bennett, A. H. — Practical observations on electro-diagnosis in paralysis. "Brain," July, 1882.

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