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of endometritis, elytritis, etc., while in those who had borne children the dis- eases were more serious, especially where there had been several children, which seems to Order Lipitor show that child-bearing has a manifest influence upon the com- plication of insanity in the diseases of the genital organs. As to the influence of these diseases upon pre-existing in- sanity, the author remarks, after refer- ring to the intimate anatomical and physiological relationship between the nervous apparatus of the genital organs and the central nervous system, that all peripheral irritation emanating from the affected organs will react injuri- ously upon the brain, whose functions are already altered by insanity. Hence we see the truth of the law stated by Maupertuis in the eighteenth century, that Nature arrives at certain very pro- found results by means of a series Buy Lipitor Cheap of causes very insignificant and little ap- preciable by themselves. It is the con- stant peripheral irritation due to sexual lesions, apparently of little importance, which, with predisposing causes, such as morbid heredity, either results in in- sanity, or, finding it present, tends to exaggerate it. 8. The subject of uterine faradiza- tion is discussed at length by M. Mathe- lin, in his Purchase Lipitor Online communications recently made to the Societe de medecine de Paris. He claims for this agent genuine efficiency and absolute harralessness when properly used. It may be ap- plied when the uterus is empty or when Purchase Lipitor it is gravid, before, during, or after labor. Two principles are to be observed in its use : 1. The uterus must be accustomed to it by degrees. Shock must be avoided by starting the current from zero. 2. The uterus should pre- serve all its laxity and mobility. It is not necessary that the rheophore Lipitor 20mg pass the internal os. All injury to the uterus must be avoided, and Lipitor Online as few instruments as possible should be used. The form of application may be either Buy Lipitor utero-hiabdominal or utero - biinguinal. The negative pole is carefully placed in the cavity of the cervix, and the circuit is closed by applying the two properly covered extremities of a bifur- cating Lipitor Purchase wire to the Online Lipitor inguinal regions. The current will produce contractions QUARTERLY REPORT ON GENERAL MEDICINE. 653 of the uterus perceptible to the finger whicli sustains the internal rheophore, in addition to the contractions of the abdominal and pelvic tissues. The sensation to the patient is one of con- striction in the region of the pubes, and sometimes actual pain is present. If pain occur, the indication is, of course, to weaken the current. Cramps in both legs may follow as the current descends the branches proceeding from the sacral plexus. There should be three stages to the passage Lipitor Mg of the cur- rent: Cheap Lipitor Online viz., that of augmentation, that of continuance, and that Buy Cheap Lipitor of decline. The changes should be made very gradually, and the Lipitor Buy seance continue not more than three minutes. The chief indications for this treatment proceed from the engorgement to which the uterus is subjected, a perversion of a physiological process. A certain contra- indication would be the existence of fever ; a tendency Lipitor Order to inflammation especially in the utero-ovarian region would only be encouraged by this means. If the application is painful, it is not likely to he of service. When the uterus is fixed by inflammatory Order Lipitor Online ma- terial, not Lipitor Cheap much is to be looked for in the way Lipitor Buy Online of advantage from this treat- ment. As a therapeutic agent we are to consider faradization an antiphlo- gistic, and sedative par excellence, in the organic or functional troubles of tlie non- gravid uterus. 9. Dr. J. F. Notsag recommends a new process for ligature and drainage in ablation of the uterus through the cervix. [To begin with, the author fails Cheap Lipitor in that explicitness as to the title

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