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men are : 1. The shorter duration of the discount lexapro card lochial discharge. 2. Its lessened amount while it lasts. 3. Its freedom from odor. 4. Increased comfort to the patient, and an ana3sthetic effect upon the j)arts. It is necessary to avoid using too strong a solution, lest the patient be poisoned. The author saya OBSTETRICS AND OYNJECOL007. 651 he has had no cases of puerperal fe- has heen following this plan of treat- ver during generic lexapro price drop the four years in which he ment. Gynecology. It Danillo, S. — Recherches cliniques sur la frequence des maladies sexuelles chez les ahen6es. " Arch, de Neurol.," Sept., 1882. 2. MooREX. — Disturbances of vision and uterine diseases. " Arch, of Ophth.," xi, 3, 1882. 3. Skexe, a. J. lexapro price 0. — Clinical ohservations on discount lexapro online cystitis in women. "Proc. of the Med. Soc. of the County of Kings," Oct., 1882. 4. TuRNEY, H. L. — Novel gynoscological practice — pessary in the rectum. " Nashville Jour, of Med. and Surg.," Oct., 1882. 5. ScHENCK, P. V. — The use of hot-water injections m buy discount lexapro uterine disease. '' discount lexapro no prescription Am. Jour, of Obstet.," Oct., 1882. 6. Currier, A. discount lexapro F. — Eucalyptus globulus in gynaecological practice, discount lexapro coupons together with an account of several cases in which it was used. " Am. Jour, of the Med. Sci.," Oct., 1882. 7. Browne, B. B. — On the use of the curette as a therapeutic agent in gynajco- logical practice. " Obstet. Gaz.," Sept., 1882. 8. Matiielin. — De la faradisation uterine. 1'^ partie. " Union Med.," Sept. 17, lexapro discount program 1882. 9. NoTSAG, J. F. — A new process for ligature and get discount lexapro cheap lexapro canada drainage in ablation of the uterus lexapro price comparison through the cervi.^. " Am. Jour, of Obstet.," Oct., 1882. 10. Gerrish, F. H. — Two successful cases cheap lexapro no prescription of removal of uterus and appendages. " Boston Med. and Surg. Jour.," Sept. 28, 1882. 11. CoE, H. C. — Fibromata and cysto-fibromata of the ovary. " Am. Jour, of Obstet.," July, prescription discount lexapro Oct., 1882. !• M. S. Danillo records some inter- esting observations based upon clinical researches in regard to the freqxienc]! of sexual diseases among insane women. There are two schools of opinion as to the influence of diseases of the genital organs upon the production and prog- ress of insanity and nervous diseases in women. One holds that these diseases are due chiefly to the preponderating influence of physiological or anatomical anomalies of the generative system ; the other denies this proposition wholly or in part. Tiius, Esquirol makes no defi- nite association of mental and sexual disease. Guislain, however, says that in many lexapro price generic insane women tlie region of the ovaries is the seat of great suffer- ing. Morel cheap lexapro online believes that primitive dis- ease of the genital organs in women has been tlie cause of mental alienation in the inajority of cases. Falret refers particularly to the menstrual disturb- ances common among insane women. Other French writers are cited pro and con. Among the Germans, those who believe in the great influence of disease of the sexual organs in producing nt-rv- ous disease, and in some cheap lexapro alternative cases acute mania, may be cited Griesinger, Leides- dorf, Schlager, Ammon, Kraflt-Ebbing, and Kip[)ing, while Schule denies that mental and sexual diseases are linked together. Emminghaus docs not be- lieve in this mutual influence. In the author's average cost generic lexapro individual experience in the lexapro price per pill

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