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co-operate with the expulsive action of the uterus, and he thinks that in this way time will be saved, as well as effort on the part of Levothroid 88 Mcg the patient. Generic Levothroid Tlie Credt! method, he thinks, has no merit aside from its tendency to incite the uterus to contract, and as such it is not mate- rially ditferent from the friction and pressure which were long ago advised by Ramsbotham, Dewees, Denman, and Blundell. [With all deference to the author's thirty years of experience, and conscious of our own inexperience, we beg leave to criticise his criticism. It is evident that he has mistaken the spirit of Crede's method, which is truly, in effect, nothing more than was accom- plished by followingtlie directionsof the old writers quoted. When Order Levothroid Crede speaks of expressing the placenta between the hands which grasp the uterus, we take it that he refers simply to the sensa- tion that Levothroid Synthroid is produced by such an op- eration, and which any Levothroid 25 Mcg one who has ever tried it will recall. The uterus with its contractile power is the main factor in this mechanical problem. Again, with due respejt to the author's ex- perience, we deny that the procedure w^hich lie recommends is either that of philosophy, that of reason, or that of common sense. We do not believe that Nature intenLevothroid Vs Synthroid of which, in view of the anatomy of the organs referred to, and the instruction of the present day, is very much like the discussion of an axiom.] 12. Dr. Neil Macleod publishes an article on antiseptic midwifery, giving experiments with lochial fluid, and em- bracing an examination of Braidwood Levothroid 100 Mg and Vacher's conclusions. The experi- ments made by the author were in Levothroid Generic such decided contrast to the conclusions re- ferred to that he was induced to pub- lish them. Braidwood and Vacher's results are condensed in the following propositions : a. " Normal human lo- chial discharge of the fourth day after delivery is septic to rabbits." h. " It invariably induces in them septicaemia, as Purchase Levothroid Online proved by post-mortem examina- tion." c. " The fatal dose of the aque- ous solution employed is from half a drachm to a drachm." d. " When Levothroid 100 Mcg al- Levothroid Vs Levothyroxine lowed to putrefy, it induces Levothroid 125 Mcg local sup- puration, like other irritant, putrid or- ganic fluids, as well as its own special characteristic visceral formations." e. "No special constitutional symptoms indicate the important systemic changes which are going on." /. " The surest method of inducing septica3niia with lochial solution Levothroid 0.1 Mg is by injection Levothroid 75 Mg into the pelvic Levoxyl Vs Levothroid peritoneal cavity per vaginam ov per pterirKBumy g. " Antiseptic so- luticms, mixed with the septic lochial fluid, do not appear to modify its lethal influence." h. " Micrococcus organisms are not present in, nor are they neces- sary for, the septic potency of the sep- tic fluid." In Is Levothroid Generic attending obstetric cases the author insists on cleanliness, and washes his hands as often as necessary in carbolized solutions. After labor the vagina is syringed Levothyroxine Vs Levothroid out with a warm one-to-thirty solution of carbolic acid. Until the fifth day tlie vagina Synthroid Vs Levothroid is syr- inged twice daily with a two-and-a- half-per-cent. solution of carbolic acid. After the fifth day the injection is made only once, in normal cases. The exter- nal parts are also kept clean, the nap- kins being frequently changed. More frequent syringings and stronger solu- tions are used when required. The fluid used for the experiments was tak- en twelve hours after the last syringing, and injected into the pelvic peritoneal cavity per vaginam. Six rabbits were thus injected, the fluid for each case having been taken on the fourth day after delivery, and none of them suf- fered seriously from the operation. From this he concludes that human lo- chial fluid, from patients treated anti- septically, and from whom it is collected upon the fourth day, is not septic to rabbits when injected into the pelvic peritoneal cavity in Order Levothroid Online doses of sixty-fivo minims or less. The advantages of the antisei)tic treatment to puerperal wo-

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