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MONTHLY EEPORT ON OBSTETRICS AND GYNiECOLOGY. No. XXIII. Bt ANDREW F. CURRIER. M. D^ Obstetrics. 1. Blaokeebt, J. M. — Viburnum prunifolium — its medicinal properties and uses. "Therap. Gaz.," Levaquin Buy Sept., 1882. 2. Reynolds, J. Levofloxacin 500 Mg P. — Induction of premature labor ; manual dilatation ; fatal result to both child and mother. " Boston Buy Levofloxacin Online Med. and Surg. Jour.," Oct. 19, 1882. 3. Rice, C. C. — Practical Levaquin Levofloxacin remarks on the management of the second stage of labor. "Am. Jour, Levaquin 500 of Obstet.,"Oct., 1882. 4. Pros. — Methode des tractions dans les accouchements difficiles. [Assoc. frang. pour I'avancem. Levaquin 500 Mg Buy Cheap Levofloxacin des sci.] "Progr. Med.," Sept. 23, 1882. 5. Galbraith, T. S. — A new procedure for dislodging locked twins. "Am. Jour, of Obstet.," Oct., 1882. 6. Boyd, J. P. — On the use of the cranioclast and cephaloti'ibe. "Med. An- nals," Sept., 1882. 7. Truzzi, E. — Di una giustificata vittoria dei cranioclaste Braun snl forcipe perforatore Lollini. " Gazz. Med. Ital. — Lombardia," Sept. 16, 1882. 8. Jkwett, Cheap Levaquin 0. — Note on delivery of the placenta. Levofloxacin Levaquin " Proc. of the Med. Soc. of the County of Kings," Oct., 1882. 9. Wilson, B. F. — The Buy Levofloxacin proper time to remove the placenta with reference to the prevention of post-paitum haemorrhage. "Am. Jour, of Obstet.," Oct., 1882. lOi Griswold, R. W. — Some observations on expression of the placenta. A criticism of the Cred6 method, " Louisville Med. News," Sept. 30, 1882. 11, DAsniELL, R. R. — A case of abdominal pregnancy. "Nashville Jour, of Med. and Surg.," Oct., 1882. 12. Maoleod, N. — Remarks on antiseptic midwifery; experiments with lochial fltiid. Levaquin Online An examination of Braid wood and Vacher's conclusions. "Brit. Med. Jour.," Oct. 14, 1882. ' OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY. 649 13. 500 Mg Levaquin Lowe, J. — Puerperal fever ; its treatment and prevention. "Edinb. Med. Jour.," Oct., 1882. 14. Buy Levaquin Gaunt, T.'T.— The care of the puerperal breast. "Am. Jour, of Obstet.," Oct., 1882. 15. Gabrigues, H. J. — Obstetrical tetanus and tetanoid contractions. Hid. 4. At a recent meeting of the As- sociation frangaise pour Vavancement des sciences, M. Pros, of La Rochelle, spoke concerning the method of trac- tio7i in difficult labors. Levaquin Cheap He inquires whether the use of traction can dimin- ish and abridge the sufterings Levofloxacin 500 of the parturient woman, forestall certain ac- cidents, and bring the field of crani- otomy within narrower limits. If it can, we should seriously consider that method which has fallen unjustly into forgetfulness (tractions Levaquin Mg mecaniques ar- tificielles). The Purchase Levaquin apparatus which the author recommended never harms the mother, and may save the child. Its principal advantages are: 1. In spar- ing the woman, whenever possible, from painful and dangerous compression. 2. In grasping every favorable chance ot avoiding mutilation of the child in se- vere cases of labor. 3. Permitting tlie accoucheur to terminate with tlie Levaquin 750 Levaquin 750 Mg for- ceps a labor which has called either for an expenditure of a great quantity of mechanical force, or for a previous de- capitation. 4. Acting with the great- est precision in terminating the gravest as well as the simplest cases either

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