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Had the boy large knee joints? There is a haemorrhagic diathesis, he added, entirely distinct from true haemophilia. The latter is rare in cities, potassium lasix but is more frequent in the country. The descent is through the females of a family, but the disease appears only in the males ; the Jews in certain districts of Germany present many examples. There is a remarkable family of the sort near Elkton, Maryland. Dr. Savery replied that there were no evidences of hajmophilia in the family. The mother was pallid, had red hair, but did not lose much blood in labor. Dr. Horace lasix renal Williams had seen a case of lasix purchase obstinate lasik lasix and prolonged haemorrhage after the extraction of a tooth ; it was finally stopped by fitting a cork into the alveolar cavity. An infant aged nine days was attacked with purpuric spots over the body and bleeding at the navel. To the latter were applied successively styptic colloid, tannin, Monsel's solution, Monsel's salt in powder, and finally transverse lasix furosemide pins and figure-of-eight ligatures; but the bleeding reappeared as soon as the latter came away, lasix 40 mg and the child finally died from loss of blood. Dr. R. A. Cleemann had under his care a young man who had buy lasix online previously OBSTETRICAL SOCIETY OF PHILABELPHIA. ^47 suffered from profuse haemorrhage for two days consequent on the extraction'of a tooth ; the haemorrhage was finally stopped by Dr. Hartshorne, who plugged the cavity with a styptic, and advised the young man never again to run the risk of a bjemorrhage of any kind, as it would probably prove fatal. Recently he had been suffering severely from a toothache which nothing but extraction could reheve. Dr. Cleemann put him on gallic acid internally and tannic lasix and potassium acid locally for two weeks before the extraction, which was accomplished without any un- usual loss of blood. In a case of nasal haemorrhage, the anterior and posterior nares were plugged, but then ecchymoses appeared around the eyes, and the plugs were removed ; transfusion of a few ounces of blood was employed, and the ha3morrhage ceased and did not return ; the patient died tablet lasix three months later of lasix with potassium phthisis. The President considered gallic acid a very valuable remedy for hemorrhage. He would like particularly to bring before the society the old but neglected rem- edy, erigeron, or flea-bane. The tincture and the volatile oil, he remarked, are very efficient when used internally to stop haemorrhage. The oil may be given in doses of ten drops every ten minutes until the bleeding is checked, after wiiich it may be continued at longer intervals until the tendency has passed away. Dr. GiTHENs had been using oil of erigeron for a number of years with re- markable success as an internal hseraostatic. It was far more reliable than any other with which he was acquainted. Impeefokatk Rectum. — Dr. Githens had performed an autopsy this after- noon upon a baby, aged twelve days, that had died from occlusion of the bowel. The anus was perfect, but, as no meconium was passed, an examination of the rectum was made. The latter was found to be a cul-de-sac about one inch and a half in depth. lasix buy As a tumid swelling could be felt above, a nick was made at the upper extremity of this cul-de-sac, and gas and meconium escaped. Two days later it was found necessary to enlarge this opening, but at no time did any solid faecal matter pass, nor did the color of the milk appear in the faeces. Death oc- curred from collapse due to escape of the contents of the bowel into the peri- toneal cavity. At the autopsy the rupture could not be found ; the transverse colon was filled with well-digested milk ; the upper part of the descending colon, doubled sharply on itself, was bound down tightly to the posterior wall of the abdomen, there being no meso-colon on the left side ; the lumen of the colon at this point was also obstructed by an hypertrophied fold of mucous membrane, which formed a septum reaching iv lasix half across the colon, and had prevented the passage of the solid portions of the faeces below that point; the rectum was dis- tended witli semi-liquid, dark fsecal matter. A very remarkable circumstance in connection with this case was the fact that a former child of the same parents died at the end of the third day, there having been no discharge from the lasix 40mg bowels; and the mother's aunt, on her mother's side, had lost five children out of seven, from the same cause; one of the five had been operated upon, but the condition returned after a lapse of six months. Repoet of the Miokoscopical Examination of Specimens presented at THE Last Meeting bt Dr. William Parish ; by Dr. II. Beates. — The specimen removed from the cervix uteri of case No. 2 is carcinoma of the enccphaloid type. The lasix mg small tusiiors taken from the uterine cavity of case No. 1, for the relief of continued hasmorrhage, prove, lasix cheap on section, to bo hyperplastic glandulio utricu- 648 MONTHLY REPORT ON lares, m-ucous membrane, and parenchyma. The intimate relationship of the uterine mucous membrane with lasix to buy the muscular structure is clearly shown, and the features of clinical interest in this instance are well demonstrated. The mucous follicles, or glnUds, located on the free border in considerable number, indicate that online lasix the growths originate from the fundus. The follicles are the seat of active epithelial proliferation and papillomatons degeneration, which latter process, it may be remarked, is not characterized by the regular relationship of cells to vessels seen in typical lasix for or benign papilloma, but by large multinucleated, irregu- larly shaped cells arranged in groups without any apparent regularity or system. This condition is strongly suggestive of carcinoma. The les6 fibers are found to be infiltrated in many places by proliferated epithelium cells, showing that lasix order the morbid process involves the parenchyma. W. H. E. GiTHENS, M. D., Secretary. Jitports OTt % ^rcguss of l^ctiic'me.

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