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Whereas, the fellowship in this society of our late associate, Dr. James B. Reynolds, has been terminated by his decease. Resolved, That we deeply feel the lamisil at spray deprivation which, as a society and as in- dividuals, lamisil terbinafine has fallen upon us by the death of Dr. Reynolds, whose career in the society was always instructive to us and creditable to himself. Not only by the part he took in our scientific proceedings, but also by his personal qualities and his uniformly kind and courteous demeanor, he won our warm regard and affec- tion, as well as our profound respect. Resolved, That these resolutions be lamisil spray entered in our minutes and published in our Transactions, and that a copy of them be transmitted to the family of our late Fellow, with an expression of our deep sympathy lamisil at gel with them in their afflic- tion. Bache McE. Emmet, M. D., Montrose A. Fallen, M. D., Feank p. Foster, M. D., Committee. The Late De. J. Foster Jenkins. — At a meeting lamisil at cream of the New York Ob- stetrical Society, held November 7, 1882, the following report was made by the committee appointed to draft resolutions in regard to the death of Dr. J. Foster Jenkins: "We, the members of the New York Obstetrical Society, mourn with heart- felt grief the death of Dr. John Foster Jenkins, for sixteen years an honored Fellow of the society. With pleasure we recall the purity of his character and the sweetness of bis life. lamisil online Highly cultivated, by nature a lover lamisil 250 mg of books, and endowed with rare native ability, he represented lamisil purchase the highest type of the scholarly physician. Faithful in his attendance at the meetings of this society, and an active par- ticipant in its discussions, his loss from our ranks will be keenly felt, and his memory will ever be regarded by us with honor and affection. Therefore, be it Resolved, That we express our sympathy to his family in the time of their lamisil lotion affliction, and convey to them cost of lamisil our appreciation of his high personal worth and of his generous and noble qualities. William T. Lusk, M. D., Robert Watts, M. D., Committee. On motion, the foregoing report was accepted, and a copy was ordered to be sent to the family of the deceased, to the " New York Medical Journal," and to the "Medical Record." ITenrt J. Gabrioues, M. D., B. F. Dawson, M. D., Frank lamisil oral P. Foster, M. D., ex-officio, Committee on Publication. 646 PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. OBSTETRICAL SOCIETY OF PHILADELPHIA. A STATED meeting was held November 2, 1882, Dr. Edwakd L. Duer, Presi- dent, in the chair. Dr. Robert P. Harris exhibited twenty-three casts of female bony pelves, illustrating the varieties of deformity affecting labor. They were obtained in Paris, by Dr. T. Hewson Bache, for the Museum of the College of Physicians. Purpura H.emorrhagica. — lamisil one Dr. Henry Beates related the history of a child healthy until four months old, at which age it was attacked by thrush ; ten days later an ecchymosis of purpuric character appeared on one leg, and a i^v^ days later spots of the same character appeared over the body. On the hfth day the Btools were tarry, showing intestinal liseraorrhage ; a bronchial secretion was also stained with blood. On the seventh day a haemorrhage started from an abraded spot on the perineum. Various local styptics were applied to this spot without result, until a red-hot needle was used as a cautery. On the what is lamisil tenth day a haBuiorrhage lamisil gel occurred from the canthus lamisil at of one eye, and on the fifteenth day the child died from exhaustion. At the autopsy the internal organs were found quite exsanguine. Bursting Pelvic Cyst. — Dr. Beates related the case of a patient who had been for some time in poor health. Nine months ago lamisil 250 she observed a tumor in the right iliac region. On one occasion, after slight exertion, she felt something give way; this was followed by intense pain and collapse. She recovered, and has had no return of the tumor. HEMORRHAGIC DiATHESis. — Dr. "WiLLiAM Savert related the history of a boy, five years of age, who had fallen and received a slight wound of the scalp from a nail projecting from a post ; it was a mere scratch, and did not need a Btitch to hold it together, but it bled profusely. All sorts of domestic remedies, including cobweb, had been tried without avail. The doctor finally succeeded in arresting the hseraorrhage with lamisil tablet lint wet with Monsel's solution, and lamisil cream continued firm pressure. A few days later the same boy fell off a step on to the floor; there was no external wound, nor any loss of blood, but the side of the face was enormously swollen from haemorrhage into the tissues. A course of iron and tonics has improved the boy's appearance, but he is still pale. Dr. Harris inquired if there was any price of lamisil history of haemophilia in the family.

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