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successful. It did, however, and Order Lamictal Dr. Hanks had commonly done the double operation on the poorer class of patients, because they could not usually spare the time for two separate operations. He removed the sutures from the cervix generally from the third to the fifth week, No damage resulted when Cheap Lamictal they were left in five weeks. Dr. HuNTEE remarked that in the Lamictal Online case of rich patients time might be spared for the two operations, and there was a certain advantage in doing the oper. Lamictal Discontinuation ations at separate times, as the greater ease of controlling possible haemor- rhage, etc. Dr. W. R. Gillette had commonly done both operations at Lamictal Buy once, and ho thought it was no more irritating to have a number of sutures introduced at the seat of the two injuries than a smaller number at the single one. His re- sults had been good ; no Buy Cheap Lamictal injury arose from leaving the sutures in the cervix for some time. It was only a matter of convenience to the operator, in his opinion, whether one, two, or three operations were done at a single time. Labor complicated by a Fibroid Tumor of the Cervix. — Dr. Hanks was recently called in by Dr. J. H. Billings to see a patient who had been in labor about twenty-four hours. Lamotrigine Lamictal When he arrived he found that the patient was thirty-three years of age, a primipara, who was having very frequent and, ap- parently, very severe pains. Dr. Billings was unable to say just what the pre- sentation was. Upon making a vaginal examination. Dr. Hanks found a body nearly filling the pelvis, and, on closer examination, he became convinced that it was a fibroid tumor, so large that it completely obstructed the descent of the child's head. An hour later, with the assistance of Dr. Billington, they gave ether, and then found that as the abdominal walls had relaxed the uterus Lamictal Lamotrigine had receded considerably. lie was then Buy Lamictal able to force the tumor above the brim and apply the forceps and extract a living child. This could not have been done had ether not been administered. The mother and the child did well. The tumor was at least as large as one's fist, and was situated in the posterior cervical wall, the lower border being about half an inch from the external os. He remem- bered distinctly having had a somewhat similar case, in which the tumor occu- pied the whole of the posterior wall of the cervix. Dr. Thomas was called, and performed Csesarean section, but the result was fatal. It was impossible to perform craniotomy in that case. In this last case they had since been able to Q^^ PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. feel several small tumors in the uterine walls. No haemorrhage had occurred. He would add that Dr. Thomas would at the present time use the scoop in a similar case, and enucleate the tumor, rather than perform Csesarean section. The President remarked that a similar case was reported in the last volume of the " Transactions of the Obstetrical Society of London." It was one of the most difficult, Lamictal Rashes and also one of the rarest, complications of labor. IIenky J. Lamictal Xr Garrigues, M. D., B. F. Dawson, M. D., Frank P. Foster, M. D., ex-offieio, Committee on Publication. The annual meeting Lamictal Use of the society was held October 17, 1882, Dr. Charles C. Lee, President, in the chair. Dr. H. J. Garrigues presented a specimen of Metritis Dissecans, which was accompanied by a written history. [See p. 587 of this number of the journal.] Dr. A. Jacobi had seen but one such specimen, which was presented to this society last winter as an alleged Generic Lamictal monstrosity, but which proved, as he then sup- posed it would, to be a mass of uterine tissue. The same case was referred to by Dr. Garrigues in his paper. Dr. Garrigues's case was a very interesting one Purchase Lamictal to him, and it would still be interesting if no theory had been offered in explana- tion of the extension of the diphtheritic process to other organs. It was true that bacteria were found in every diphtheritic and putrid process, but he did not believe the bacteria theory covered the etiology of disease. He asked Dr. Gar- rigues whether he used an elastic or a solid catheter. Dr. Garrigues replied that he used a double-channel silver catheter. An Unusual Condition of the Eectum in a Case of Pelvic Abscess. — Dr. F. P. Foster presented a specimen with the following history : The patient was prematurely delivered in August, and came into Dr. Bozeman's service at the Woman's Hospital Order Lamictal Online in September, suffering from a septicaemic condition, with a constant foetid discliarge from the uterine cavity. The cause of the dis- charge was found to be a large tumor, submucous and sessile, attached over the anterior wall of the uterus. Lamictal Mg The patient was put upon the use of antiseptic intra-uterine injections, and received Purchase Lamictal Online rectal alimentation and supporting treat- ment in Rash Lamictal general. In the course of a week after admission she had uterine pains, and expelled the mass now shown, which was found to be a fibro-myoma. After- ward there was a mass felt through the abdominal wall extending up, particularly on the right side, to about the level of the umbilicus, which proved to be due to a cellulitis, principally in the right broad ligament. Two abscesses afterward broke into the vagina, posteriorly to the cervix. After the discharge from the first abscess ceased, all the symptoms of a general peritonitis developed. The point to which he would call special attention was then found. On attempting to make a vaginal examination, he was hardly able to introduce a single finger, because of a partial blocking up of the vagina by a projection from behind. His first thought was that Buy Lamictal Online there might be a purulent collection at that part, although it was rather low ; but, on introducing the finger into the rectum, and the thumb into the vagina, nothing was found in the recto-vaginal space. The rectum ap- peared to be widely enlarged, not, however, from anything within swelling it out. It was sufficiently capacious to admit his fist. His idea that an inflamma- tory exudation above might have drawn the anterior wall of the rectum up was opposed by the fact, as Dr. Bozeman had suggested, tliat there was no acute NEW YORK OBSTETRICAL SOCIETY. 645 angle in the contour of the anterior wall of the rectum. This condition had lasted for several days, but lately no examination had been made. The Late De. James B. Reynolds. — In the executive session the following resolutions were adopted :

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