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The following was the programme of the Phila- delphia Neurolos^ical Society at its meeting, Feb- ruary 28th : Dr. Ralph Pemberton, for Dr. Keflex 250 Mg W. G. Spiller, A Case of Lumbothoracic Syringomyelia; Dr. William G. Spiller, A Case of Progressive Muscular Dystrophy with Atrophy of Bone, and A Case of Tabetic Facial Palsy; Dr. D. J. Mc- Carthy, A Case of Tuberculosis with Graves's Syndrome ; Dr. T. H. Weisenburg. A Case of Haemorrhage in the Pons, and A Keflex 500mg Price Case of Hemorrhage in the Buy Keflex Floor of the Aqueduct of Sylvius ; Dr. George E. Price, A Case of Malarial Infection Presenting Symptoms of Multiple Neu- ritis ; Dr. Alfred Gordon, Clinical and Pathological Report of a Case Keflex Dose of Lead Poisoning with Remarks on the Patho- genesis of the Disease. GENERAL Bayonne Hospital. — Dr. Lucius F. Donohoe has resigned the secretaryship of the medical board of the Bayonne, N. J., Hospital, after ten years' service. Dr. James H. Whaley, of Rome, N. Y., health officer, has been appointed superintendent of the O. and W. Railroad, as the resident physician for that road in that city. Richmond Academy of Medicine and Surgery. — The subject announced for discussion at the next meeting of this association, on Keflex Online March 14th, is Conservative Gynaecology, and the discussion will be led by Dr. Edward McGuire Keflex 500mg and Dr. Charles R. Robins. Dinner in Detroit to an English Surgeon. — Dr. J. B. Kennedy gave a banquet at tlie Russell House, Detroit, Tuesday evening, in honor of C. A. Rankin Nitch, fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and chief surgeon of St. Thomas's Hospital, London, England. Dr. Guy L. Kiefer presided as Keflex 750 Mg toastmaster. The Children's Free Hospital, of Milwaukee, has recently received the sum of $1,000 to Dose Keflex support four free beds in that institution for one year, with the Keflex Order promise that the subscriptions will be con- tinued indefinitely. The donors are Mrs. Ferdi- nand Schlesinger, Mr. Charles Catlin, and the In- fants' Ward Association. Floyd County, Ky., Medical Society. — Officers have been elected by this society as follows: President, Dr. H. S. Wolfe ; vice-president. Dr. George H. Cannon ; secretary treasurer, Dr. Aus- tin Keflex Purchase Funk ; censors. Dr. E. P. Easley, Dr. J. F. Weathers, and Dr. W. J. Leach : delegate to the State meeting. Dr. C. W. Mclntyre. La Salle Hospital, Chicago. — Reorganization of Keflex Dosage the La Order Keflex Online Salle Hosnital staff Keflex 400 Mg has been effected, and Dr. O. E. Wald is now surgeon in chief of Keflex Oral Suspension the institution. The president is Dr. B. S. Hen- derson, of the Cook County Hospi-tal, and Dr. G. A. Raithel is secretary and treasurer. Dr. Wald has been connected with Augustana Hospital and also with Bethesda Hospital. Gift to Westminster Hospital, London. — The sum of £1,000 has been presented by Mr. Edward Heron-Allen to the Westminster Hospital, Lon- don, Eng., to endow a bed in one of Dr. Murrell's wards " in recognition of his valuable contribu- tions to pharmacology and his Purchase Keflex researches on the action of remedial agents in the treatment of dis- ease." Association of American Medical Colleges. — By vote of a Antibiotics Keflex two thirds majority of all the col- leges voting, it has been decided that the ne.xt meeting of this association will be held in Chi- cago, Monday. April 10, 1905. Detailed infor- mation as to place of meeting, and programme, will be published later. Fred C. Zapffe" M. D.. secretary. Lebanon Hospital Training School for Nurses. — This institution graduated the following young Avomen on February 22nd: Miss Sarah A. Eden- berg, Miss Nessie Keflex 1000 Mg Jaffe, Miss Meta Jaeger. Miss Margarete McCullum, Miss Dorces Crozier. Miss Harriette A. Rosenbluth, Miss Margarette Dono- van, Miss Madeline Holderer, Miss Lillian Barit, Miss Yetta Sadusky, Miss Keflex For Mrsa Theresa Grupe, and Miss Anna 500 Keflex Mg Chichester. The Gross Prize. — Dr. J. H. Wright, director of the pathological laboratory of the Massachu- setts General Hospital, has been awarded the .$1,200 Gross prize. This prize is given by the

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