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One or two points, where stitches made marked tension, showed a surrounding skin blush, Glycomet Sr 500 which disappeared on the removal of the stitch. Immediately con- tiguous to this the wound-edgo looked as if made but a few minutes before, thus showing that the irritation of tensioii was the trouble, which, as before said, very rapidly disappeared when the deeply imbedded stitch was cut. Tlie temperature rose to 100-2° Fahr. at the end of the first twenty-four hours, after which it remained under 100°. The pain after the removal of the pressure of the but- ton-stitches amounted practically to nothing, according to Glycomet 850 the patient's own statements, and it will be remembered that she had the experience of a former operation for comparison. I believe that this is the first case where acetate of aluminium has been used in this city in a Listerian operation, and its success dis- poses of the absurd statement that carbolic acid is Listerism. Caecinoma of the Stomach. — The case was presented by Dr. J. H. Musseb. The clinical aspects of this case were so definite that when the man applied to PATHOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF FHILADELPHIA. g27 the medical dispensary of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania for treatment, early in April of this year, it was without difficulty that, malignant disease was diagnosticated. He was a farmer, of good hahits, fifty-three years old, and previously in good health. For the last six months he had suffered from " weakness of the stomach Glycomet Gp1 " and general debility, which prevented him from working. He had lost much fiesh, and had constantly a severe sickening pain in the epigastrium, extending to the upper part of the lumbar region, which became much worse within an hour after eating. The appetite was poor, the tongue clean and pale, the bowels constipated, Glycomet Gp2 with troublesome flatulence. A tender, non-pulsatile, movable tumor extended across the epigastrium from the margins of the ribs on one side to a similar site on the other, one inch and a half above the umbilicus. He presented an aniemic, cachectic appearance. Dr. H. Plank, of Morgantown, took charge of the patient, and wrote me, April 21, 1882, that he was much benefited by the treatment instituted, but was confined to bed by sheer exhaustion. June 5th the doctor reported increased weakness and emaciation, and that the pain had extended along the left side to the same shoulder. He took but little Glycomet 1gm nourishment, and on June 10th he commenced vomiting undigested food, mucus, and grumous purulent matter. He died June 20th, of exhaustion, after a nine-months illness. Dr. Plank kindly sent nie the specimen I here present. One fourth of the pyloric end of the stomach is involved in the growth, which extends along the greater curvature for four inches, along the lesser two inches, and completely encircles the organ. The stomach walls in front of the disease were dilated, the muscular coat being hypertrophied, and the mucous membrane congested. The mass encroached upon the caliber of the viscus so as almost to occlude Glycomet 500mg it. The tumor consisted of three nodules, one of which was ulcerated on its mucous sur- face, and presented the appearance of a scirrhus. The gUmds in the lesser omen- tum were diseased. Spindle-celled Sabooma of the Thigh. — The specimen was presented by Dr. J. Buy Metformin Online Heney 0. SiMES. The patient from whom this specimen was removed presented himself for admission to the Episcopal Hospital on August Glycomet Sr 30, 1882. He was sixty years old, an Irishman, and gave the following history : Two Glycomet 500 Mg years ago he first noticed at the lower and outer part of the Glycomet Gp 2 thigh a small swelling, which grew rapidly to the size Glycomet Price of a hen's egg, when it was removed. Shortly after the wound had healed a second tumor was noticed in the cicatrix, having the same character as the growth previously removed. This was also removed by operation ; and again, in a still shorter interval, a third similar growth was developed in the same locality, which was also removed by the knife. When Glycomet Tablets admitted to my wards, there was found, u[)on examination, at the lower and outer part of the thigh, a linear cicatrix about two inches long, beneath and ad- herent to which, as well as to the surrounding integument, was seen a tumor as large as a walnut, m.ovable upon the deeper tissues, painless, dense, and irregu- larly nodular. There was no glandular enlargement Glycomet 850 Mg observable. No other tu- mors were present. Tiie tumor was readily removed, being adherent only to the overlying skin, which is included in the incisions. Microscopic examinations showed that tiie neoplasm consisted entirely of large spindle-shaped colls, which contained large oval nuclei. A EEGULAR meeting was held October 26, 1882, Dr. James Tyson, President, in the chair. Hypeetkoi'uy of the Pkostate Gland, aooompanieu by Puofltse and g28 PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. Buy Metformin Fatal H^moeehage. — Presented by Dr. J. B. Robeets for Dr. J. M. Adlee and Dr. William Hunt. The clinical history furnished by Dr. Adler is as follows : The patient, aged sixty-six years, of medium size, weighing one hundred and fifty pounds, of regular habits, had enjoyed good health until within a year past. On a number of occasions during the past year he has had sliglit heematuria. He Glycomet 500 Sr passed his urine with ease, and only complained of slight perineal pain. On the 12th of September last he arose in the morning in his usual health, but soon after breakfast he was attacked with sudden, acute pain in the bladder, which he was unable to empty. Dr. Adler saw him in a short time, when the patient com- plained Glycomet 500 of great hypogastric paio, and was much prostrated, with a blanched, sallow, cold skin, and a rapid and feeble pulse. A well-defined pyriform swell- ing occupied the hypogastric region, extending upward to the umbilicus. After stimulants and morphia had been given, about one pint of fluid blood was drawn off by the catheter, after which, this instrument becoming blocked, a double one was introduced, by means of which injections of warm water were thrown into the bladder, and another pint of broken-down coagula was removed. A solu- tion of alum, twenty grains to the pint, was then introduced Glycomet Tablet into the bladder and allowed to remain. Despite the internal use of ol. terebinth, and ol. erige- roD., with opium suppositories, the haemorrhage continued, necessitating recour.se to the catheter, injections, etc., to free Glycomet 250 the bladder from coagula. Death ensued on the sixth day, from exhaustion induced by the repeated haemorrhages. The diagnosis arrived at by Drs. Hunt and Adler was carcinoma of the neck of the bladder. Seetio Cadaveris. — The autopsy was a partial one, made in the undertaking establishment. Upon incising the hypogastrium, the distended bladder was at once seen, containing nearly a pint of clotted blood. This was removed by the hand through an opening in the viscua, when Dr. Roberts felt near the vesical neck, protruding into its interior, Glycomet Gp a pear-shaped mass of about the size and shape of the adult uterus. This, as the members of the society saw, was evidently a greatly enlarged middle lobe of the prostate gland covered by unaltered mucous membrane. The lateral lobes were also enlarged. The mucous lining of the vis-

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