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AMERICAN GTNJECOLOGTCAL SOCIETY. 621 mersed. He believed that these bodies were Floxin Ear Drops cells, and that they were aborted epithelial cells. Mr. Thorxtox, of London, Eng., thought that Dr. Drysdale had entered a field in whicli questions were in a decidedly unsettled Aqua Floxin condition, because of the great diversity of opinion among pathologists and histologists as to what con- stituted a cell, and what was the mode of its growth. Without this definite basis of investigation it might, almost as a matter of course, be Floxin Otic Suspension expected that he would differ with Dr. Drysdale in what he had said concerning the manner in which ovarian cysts grew and this ovarian granular cell was produced. He had reached the conclusion long ago that the nucleus, perhaps the nucleolus, in the formation of the cell was the first, and not the last element, and that the cell body followed. As to whether or not the body described by Dr. Drysdale should be called a cell, he had, long before Dr. Garrigues read his paper, reached the conclusion that it was the nucleus of a rapidly degenerating cell of the cyst membrane. Then coming to the action of reagents, or rather the lack of reaction, that fact of itself favored the view that it was a degenerated cell, and not, as Dr. Drysdale thought, an immature cell, because in immature or rapidly grow- ing cells the protoplasm was especially prone to take on the action of stain- ing agents, and to react promptly when treated with acetic acid. With refer- ence to the ovarian cyst being derived from the Graafian follicle, he had thought his own observations, as well as those of recent authoriiies, seemed to prove that it had an origin independent, in the great majority of cases, of the Graafian follicle, and that it could be distinguished from it especially by its lining mem- brane. As to the aid this body, or Dr. Drysdale's corpuscle, could afford in making a diagnosis, he finally found his failures were so numerous that he was obliged to abandon it, notwithstanding the great success which attended his earlier examinations. From his own experience in the matter, he thought it must be accepted that the practical value of this body was, often at least, imma- terial. He had Buy Floxin Online found in cysts of the omentum and mesentery, and also in a multilocular cyst of the spleen, cells which could not be distinguished from Dr. Drysdale's corpuscle. However, he was prepared to go back and study the field over again in view of the positive statements made by Dr. Drysdale, and hoped that the results of further investigation might be confirmatory Floxin Otic Ear Drops of Dr. Drysdale's views. Dr. Engelmanx, of St. Louis, had been unable to see the cell as Dr. Drysdale had seen it, and therefore had not been able to avail himself of the aid which it was said to afford in making a diagnosis. Dr. Detsdale said tlie definition of a cell he Floxin Ophthalmic had used was that given by Carpenter, Max Schultze, and others, whom Mr. Thornton would recognize as eminent authorities. With regard to his cell being a nucleus, he would have said the same thing twenty years ago, but continued observation had convinced him that it was an aborted epithelial cell and not a nucleus. The fact that gentlemen had been unable to see the cell simply showed the fault of the ob- server. Concerning the cell being found in Floxin Price omental cysts, he once made Order Floxin a mis- take Floxin Online in examining fluid from such a cyst, simply because he did not exercise suflScient care, and the neglect in that respect arose chie^.ly from the fact that other evidence of an ovarian tumor was so marked he did not attach any im- portance to microscopical examination. With reference to ovarian cysts origi- nating elsewhere than in Graafian follicles, that was merely a difference of opinion. The MEcnANicAL Therapeutics of Veusions and Flexions of the Uterus. go 2 PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. — Dr. E. VA>r de Waeker, of Syracuse, N. Y., read a paper on this subject. He maintained that no department of gynaecology had aroused a greater inventive activity, or excited greater interest, and yet Cipro Floxin the solution of the mechanical prob- lems involved had not been advanced, and the question of utility had by no means been settled. He believed that uncertainty resulted from expecting too much from the use of the pessary, and from selecting an improper instrument. The latter came from lack of clearly defined ideas concerning the absolute limita- tions imposed upon the action of pessaries, which must govern the results to be expected. In studying the mechanical principles involved in the theory of the pessary, two things must be clearly defined : first, the limits imposed by the uterus and its appendages upon the mechanical agencies acting upon it, and, second, the action of the mechanical forces under these limitations. These limits in their mechanical and uterine relations were fixed and absolute. One was, however, Floxin Otic Drops reluctantly forced to conclude that the majority of pessaries were invented either in ignorance or in defiance of these limits, and as if the only Purchase Floxin restriction upon their action were that of gravity. The correction of a flexion or version of the uterus mechanically, with cer- tainty, comfort, and safety to the patient, depended upon the following fixed conditions, which could not be violated : first, the limits imposed by uterine mobility ; second, the limits imposed upon the action of Generic Floxin pessaries by the vagina; third, a pessary must be adjusted with proper regard Purchase Floxin Online for the safety of the pelvic soft parts ; and, fourth, a pessary must be so adjusted as not in any way to re- tard or arrest the function of any pelvic organ, nerve, or vessel. These were considered in order, and the text was illustrated with several tracings taken by the mercurial manometer, showing the change in position of the uterus during respiration, Floxin Eye Drops forced respiration, coughing, talking, walking, etc. Dr. Van de "Warker classified version and flexion pessaries into three groups : 1. Those combined with support external to the body: (a) simple intra- vaginal with external support; (b) a pessary acting by mechanical displacement with support external to the body ; (c) combination of absolute fixation of the cervix Avith external support. 2. Pessaries acting wholly intravaginally : {a) acting by displacement; (6) those that moved the vaginal cervix by action of the vaginal walls in a direction opposite to the movement of version of the fundus; (c) those which retained Buy Cheap Floxin the vaginal cervix in a fixed position, and thus prevented rotation of the uterus. 3. Pessaries acting within the body of the uterus — intra-uterine stems : {a) intra-uterine stems with support external to the body; (h) those combined Floxin Antibiotics with Floxin Tablets various forms of vaginal pessary ; (c) self-retaining intra-uterine stems ; {d) diverticulating intra-uterine stems; Order Floxin Online (e) fctems with simple vaginal attachment necessary for retention.

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