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of Dr. Goodell's statement concerning the suspicion of extra-uterine pregnancy where a long period had elapsed between one pregnancy and another. A gii'l fluticasone spray had a child, afterward was married, remained sterile for some years, and then became pregnant, and it proved to be extra-uterine. In that case he operated and removed a foetus that had been dead for some time. The placenta was at- tached to the right side of the uterus, and apparently had maintained life inde- pendent of the foetus. Dr. GooDELL said that he could well understand the absence of the placental souffle in abdominal pregnancy. The term placental souffle was a misnomer, the sound really being uterine and not placental, and, of course, when no uterine tis- sue was involved it would be absent. The Influence of the Constant Use of Hisn-HEELED Feench Shoes UPON THE Health and Form of the Female, and upon the Relation of THE Pelvic Oegans. — Dr. Samuel C. Busey, of Washington, D. 0., read a paper on this subject, in which he first referred to the history of coverings for the feet from the time of the ancient Egyptians. The original design of the heel was to increase the height of the person wearing it. The peculiarity of the French high heel worn by women was that it was not only high, but it also was narrow, and inclined from behind forward, so that its inferior extremity, instead of being under the calcanean tuberosity, was directly under the plantar arch. Toward the close of the seventeenth century Camper fluticasone propionate nasal published his work on the best form of shoe, in which he discussed the question from the stand-point of anatomical construction, utility, and comfort. Paget's description of a perfect female foot was given — namely, " great breadth and fullness of instep, a well-marked great toe, a long second toe projecting a little beyond the great toe, and a very small, or, in some cases, an almost suppressed little toe." The author of the paper then presented the anatomical construction of the foot, with its arches cheap flovent and articula- tions, and demonstrated, by means of additional diagrams, the effect produced upon the arch, in walking, by elevation of the heel, and also the effect produced upon the feet and legs, and through them upon the general outlines of the body. Elevation of the heel displaced the basis of the line of gravitation forward, and transferred greater weigiit to tlie distal extremity of the plantar arch. The con- sequence was that the equilibrium of the body could be restored and maintained only by an increase of the natural bendings and curves along the line of fluticasone nose spray the bony frame-work. Especial attention was directed to the change thus produced in the obliquity of the pelvis, and to the probable corresponding change in the position of the uterus and other pelvic organs. As the inclination of the plane of the brim increased or diminished, the uterus, through its long axis, approaclied or receded from the vertical line. In an elastic flexible substance like the human body, to readjust disturbances of equipoise there must be compensating altera- tions, bendings, and flexions. How were these relations of the natural form in- fluenced by excessive and constant elevation of the heels? The deflection was primarily at the base of the lino of gravitation, and above this greater or less deflections of the entire skeleton occurred. Vascular, postural, and nutritive disturbances followed, and tliey were not necessarily confined to the bladder, uterus, and rectum, but the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, vagina, ligaments, and fasciaa might become involved. Menstrual disturbances and vaginal discharges were the most common manifestations. g20 PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. Dr. FoEDTCE Baeker, of New York, had not observed any special order flovent effect npon the pelvic flovent cost organs due to the wearing of high-heeled fluticasone nasal shoes, although he had watched for such cases, and had expected, from a theoretical stand-point, that dis- turbances traceable to this fashion as a cause would be developed. The subject, so carefully presented by the author of the paper, was, however, one of impor- purchase flovent tance, and should not be lost sight of in studying the clinical history of pelvic affections. Dr. buy flovent T. G.Thomas, of New York, had not observed any condition of flovent price the pelvic organs which he thought could purchase flovent online be traced to the influence of high-heeled shoes. Surely we had a right to expect certain deleterious results, but, as a matter of fact, he had not observed them in practice. Dr. T. M. Drtsdale, of Philadelphia, then read a paper on The Ovarian Corpuscle : its Origin and Characteristics. It was a reply to the paper read by Dr. II. J. Garrigues, of New York, at the last meeting of the fluticasone salmeterol society. The author of the paper summarized his statements with reference to the ovarian granular cell (Drysdale's corpuscle) buy flovent online as follows : First, that the cell called the ovarian granular corpuscle was almost invariably found in the fluid of ovarian cysts ; sec- ond, that this cell might be distinguislied from the pus cell, lymph corpuscle, white blood or other cells which resembled them, both by appearances of the cell and by its behavior with acetic acid ; third, that it bad been named the ovarian granu- lar cell to distinguish it from all other cells found in abdominal dropsical fluids, not meaning to assert that a cell liaving a similai* appearance flovent mg might not be found in cysts met with in other parts of the body; fourth, that this cell, when found in this locality, was pathognomonic of ovarian disease ; fifth, that the granular cell was discovered by himself in ovarian fluids, and differed in appearance and its behavior with acetic acid and ether from any other granular cell found in the abdominal cavity, and, by means of these reagents, could be readily recognized as the cell which had been described ; and further, that by the use of the mi- croscope, assisted by these tests, we might distinguish generic flovent the fluids removed from ovarian cysts from all other abdominal dropsical fluids ; sixth, that a full and accurate description of this cell had never been published, to his knowledge, except by himself, nor any tests given by which to distinguish it from others which often closely resembled it. Dr. Garrigues, quoting from his paper, believed : "■ first, that the bodies found in ovarian fluids, and known as Di-ysdale's buy cheap flovent corpuscles, were not cells, but only nuclei ; second, that, in appearance, they were entirely like the pyoid bodies described by Lebert as early as 184(5, and that the test given for them by Lebert was the same — acetic acid; and further, that Lebert had shown that they could be found in various parts of the body ; third, that in ovarian fluids these bod- ies were first described in 1852 by John Hughes Bennet, with indications of the effect which acetic acid had upon them ; fourth, that these bodies were not pathognomonic of ovarian nor any other cysts, as they might be found in various parts of the body." Dr. Drysdale then gave his views concerning the origin nasal spray fluticasone of the " ovarian granular cell," and concluded that it order flovent online was derived from the inner Avail of ovarian cysts which had an epithelial hning like the Graafian follicle from whence they originated. The rapid growth and shedding were, as usual in such cases, attended by a partial flovent online degeneration of the cells, giving them their granular appearance ; and their delicacy and transparency, so peculiar to them, were acquired by ma- ceration in the albuminous fluid of the cyst in which they were at once im-

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