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more important points relating to the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the skin in a condensed and available form. The book concludes with estrace tablets an admirably written chapter on diet and hygiene, and a formulary — much more extensive and complete than is found in many larger and more pretentious works. The arrangement, style, and typographical excellence of the book leave little to be desired. Antiseptic Surgery. The Principles, Modes of Application, and Results of the Lister Dressing. By Dr. Just LucAs-CnAMPiONNifeRE, Surgeon to the Hopital Tenon, etc. Translated from the second and completely revised edition, with the special sanction of the author, and edited by Frederic Henry Gerrisii, A M., M. D., Surgeon to the Maine General Hospital, etc. Portland: Loring, Short, and Harmon, 1881. Pp. 239. [Price, $2-25.] Dr. LucAS-CnAMPiONNifeRE's first edition was one estrace and ivf of the earliest com- plete guides to the practice of antiseptic surgery, and was most favorably no- ticed in these pages. We heartily welcome Dr. Gcrrish's translation of the QQQ REVIEWS AND LITERARY NOTES. second edition, and recommend it to our readers ; for we believe, with the translator, that its perusal will " make it plain not only that the Listerian theory is rational and its practice wonderfully satisfactory, but also that its application is neither difficult nor seriously expensive." The work is more comprehensive than the first edition was, and comprises an elaborate de- scription of Lister's apparatus and materials, full directions for their use in all sorts of wounds, and statistics of English, French, and German surgeons- The translation is very good, and its value to the American practitioner is enhanced by estrace cream judicious additions on the part of the editor. Diseases of the Rectum and Anus. By Charles B. Kelsey, JSI. D., Sur- geon to St. Paul's Infirmary for Diseases of the Rectum, etc. estrace 1 mg New York: William Wood & Co., 1882. Pp. xii-299. [Wood's Library of Standard Medical Authors.] This volume will be most acceptable to the subscribers to the series in which it appears, as it covers a field which the general practitioner usually intrusts entirely to the specialist. It will be still more prized by them when carefully read, as the author has been particularly happy in his style and method. The subjects of the various chapters are as follows: (1) Practical points in the anatomy and physiology of the parts under consid- eration ; (2) Congenital malformations of the rectum and anus estrace 2 mg ; (3) General estrace coupon rules for examination, diagnosis, and operation ; (4) Inflammation of the rectum; (5) Abscess and fistula; (6) Ha?morrhoids ; (V) Prolapse of the rectum; (8) Non-malignant growths; (9) Non-malignant ulceration; (10) Non-malignant stricture; (11) Cancer; (12) Impacted faeces and foreign bodies in the rectum; (13) Pruritus ani; (14) Spasm of the sphincter, neu- ralgia, wounds, and rectal alimentation. It will be perceived that the work treats of all the more important con. ditions, and it can be said, furthermore, that little of practical interest has been omitted. It shows no " padding," nor is case after case narrated in full to swell the size of the book, and possibly that of the author. It is a fair and comprehensive statement of modern views on the diagnosis and treatment of rectal diseases, carefully compiled and brought within a mod- erate compass. Dr. Kelsey has shown his individuality buy estrace online in discussing the opinions of others, but has been courteous and just to previous authors in the estrace ivf same field, both in liberality of reference and in the statement of their views. There is much to commend in the first chapter, which is particu- larly replete with practical information ; Chapter III will greatly aid the practitioner who is not familiar with rectal diagnosis ; and Chapters buy estrace cream V and VI give an excellent summary of the treatment of haemorrhoids, abscess, and fistula. As a practical hand-book upon this subject, we know of no better work. We congratulate the author on the excellence of his work, and the publishers on issuing so attractive a volume. REVIEWS AND LITERARY NOTES. g07 On Cancer of the Breast. With colored illustrations. estrace online By Thomas William NuNN, buy estrace F. estrace cost R. C. S. Eng,, Consulting Surgeon to the Middlesex Hospital. estrace cream coupon London: J. & A. Churchill, 1882, 4to, pp. xiv-230. In view of the author's high rank, a work from him on a subject which admits of so much diversity of opinion must he welcomed. The book is divided into two parts. The first part treats of the practical and clinical aspects of the subject ; the second treats exclusively of its pathological and speculative aspects. In Part I we find a consideration of the fre- quency estrace creme of cancer, the age of those affected, the questions of diagnosis and prognosis, and the results of operative procedures. The latter has inter- ested the reviewer more than some other topics considered. There are many surgeons of large experience who to-day have almost entirely aban- doned surgical procedures for the relief of this disease. They have found the necessity for repeated operations so frequent, and estrace coupons the duration of life so short after the necessity for operative interference seemed imperative, that the question of material benefit to the patient has been decided in the negative. Some have even been convinced that removal of these growths shortened life. These skeptics view cases where long-continued relief has followed an operation as those of mistaken diagnosis ; and they point to the ever-increasing list of patients who have dragged out a wretched exist- ence after operative procedures till death has occurred, in support of their position. Perhaps the time will never come when quacks will not grow rich from " marvelous cures " of cancer attributed to estrace estradiol the use of plasters, ointments, electricity, etc. ; and is it to be wondered at that suffering humanity turn, when once afilicted with a questionable tumor, to any source which promises relief? estrace for ivf Several recent estrace price works have tended to bring the operation of removal of the breast for cancer estrace 2mg into renewed favor, and yet we see by statistical reports that the " selected cases," even of these

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