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burgh, etc., and A. H. Barbour, M. A., B. Sc, M. B., Assistant to the Professor of Midwifery, University of Edinburgh, etc. With nine litho- graphs and four hundred woodcuts. Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stew- art; London: Simpkin, Marshall & Co., 1882. Pp. xxvii-644. It seldom falls to our lot to notice a text-book that seems to us to de- serve so much praise and so little criticism as this one. We have had occa- sion before to commend Dr. Hart's writings, and the work now Elimite For Lice under consid- eration, written in conjunction with Mr. Barbour, is quite as meritorious — perhaps more so, regard being had to the fact that to produce an accepta- ble text-book is a much more diflScult matter than to make a fragmentary contribution, however valuable, to our advance in knowledge. The former taxes a higher faculty than that of observation or that of deduction ; it calls for judgment. Taking this duly into consideration, we have little else than praise for our authors. Tbey have given us a text-book of gynaecol- ogy which, in our opinion, is unexcelled ; it is replete with evidence of abundant knowledge, ingenuity in practical application, and rare discrimi- nation in generalizing, and its faults are few and for the most part trivial. The book is divided into two parts. Part I, consisting of one hundred and forty-three pages, is devoted to those matters which the student ought Elimite Cream Scabies to master before turning his attention to the particular diseases of which the remainder of the work treats — the anatomy and physiology of the parts concerned, and the generalities of physical exploration. It is especially with the matter of anatomy that Dr. Hart's previous Elimite Generic writings have dealt, and the section on anatomy in this book is in the main a summary of those writings. With their essential points we have already acquainted our read- ers ; we shall therefore refer Elimite Or Kwell to only a few details at the present time. Of the labia minora the authors say Elimite Cost very truly : " Posteriorly they blend in- sensibly with the labium majus at about its middle " ; but the drawing given of the vulva (Fig. 1) shows no such blending. The vulvar slit is said to be vertical, which is not the case when the Elimite Cream Over The Counter subject stands erect. " The 598 REVIEWS AND LITERARY NOTES. labia minora," it is stated, " are skin, thin and fine, and not mncous mem- brane, as often alleged." In a drawing (Fig. 45) designed to sbow a lateral sagittal Generic Elimite section at the junction of the uterus with one of the broad liga- ments, the bony structures seem to have been cut in the median line. In regard to the normal attitude of the uterus the authors say : " There can be no doubt that the uterus lies normally to the front, with its anterior sur- face resting on the bladder. Great refinement is exercised, quite unneces- sarily, by many gynsecologists in settling what they believe to be the exact angle which the long axis of the uterus should make with the horizon when a woman is in the erect posture ; and this refinement has been greatly stimulated by the mechanical treatment of what is known by many as ante- version of the uterus." The authors think, in opposition to many writers, that when the bladder is empty, and the uterus is inclined forward, small intestines enter Douglas's pouch. The blood-vessels, lymphatics, and nerves of the pelvis are described with unusual fullness, and are well illustrated by drawings from Hyrtl and Luschka. A chapter on the physics of the abdomen and the pelvis, with special reference to the semi-prone and genupectoral postures, is in the main a resume of Dr. Hart's pre\ious publications on these subjects. It displays great originality, and is worthy of the closest study. In a short chapter on the physiology of menstruation we find the authors disposed to agree with Kundrat and Engelmann that only the superficial layer of the uterine mucous membrane is shed at the menstrual periods. The chapter on physical examination is exceedingly well worked up, and we are glad to notice that the Elimite Lice authors attach great importance to ex- amination by the rectum, both alone and in conjunction with vaginal and abdominal exploration. We regret, however, that they keep up the error of using the word bimanual as if it were sufiiciently descriptive of abdomi- no-vaginal palpation and other like methods of exploring the pelvic con- tents by two or more avenues of approach simultaneously — the plain truth being that the time-honored manipulation by which fluctuation Where Can I Buy Elimite is elicited is a bimanual examination. An admirable lithographic drawing is given of a cadaver in the left lateral semi-prone posture — by all odds the best representation of that posture that we have ever seen. It seems an error to state, as is done on page 111, that a leverage is obtained on Elimite Cream Otc separating the handles of Where Can I Buy Elimite Cream Barnes's crescent speculum. We can not refrain from quot- ing the following conclusions as to the uses and the comparative value of various specula : " The Sims is undoubtedly Permethrin Elimite Cream the best and most scientific speculum we possess. When properly used, and aided by the Buy Elimite Cream volsella, it leaves nothing to be desired. For operative cases Permethrin Elimite its use is imperative ; and it is the only speculum which does not distort the split cervix. It is ob- jected Elimite Price by some — on insufficient grounds — that it is difficult to manipulate, requires a skilled assistant, and exposes the patient unduly. The Fergusson is easily passed, involves only slight exposure, and is good in very minor gynaecology. It gives only a limited view Permethrin 5 Cream Elimite of the vaginal walls The REVIEWS AND LITERARY NOTES, 599 student sLould note that it brings the flaps of a split cervix together and somewhat conceals the lesion. The Neugebauer, on the other hand, opens up the cervical split, and may do this so effectually as to give the impres- sion that there is none." We are unable to see what reason there is for classing Fergusson's speculum as self-retaining. The section Permethrin 5 Percent Elimite on anaesthetics seems rather uncalled for, comprising as it does the same sort of teaching that is to be found in any good work on general surgery. The authors wisely begin the second part of the work, treating of the special diseases, with a chapter on pelvic peritonitis and pelvic cellulitis, for before all else the student should be made acquainted with these affec- tions, since they certainly form the essential feature in full nine tenths of the cases of disease peculiar to women, and yet are seldom recognized by the Elimite 5 Cream general practitioner. The following " preliminary considerations" seem to us so excellent that we quote them entire : " The subjects of pelvic peri- tonitis and pelvic cellulitis are by no means thoroughly worked out. The literature is extensive, but not so valuable as medical literature often is. This arises from various causes, among which the most important is the change in the theories as to the anatomical site of pelvic inflammatory con- ditions. Nonat and Simpson contended that pelvic Elimite Otc peritonitis and pelvic cellulitis were distinct affections, and considered the latter as being of fre-

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