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Aside from the charity to be helped, the lectures promise Dilantin 330 Mg to be otherwise interesting. The Too Much Dilantin New York Academy of Medicine. — The section Dilantin 130 Mg in medicine will meet on Tuesday, March 21, 1905, at Dilantin Xr 8.15 p. m. Order: Annual election, of officers; presentation of cases; clinical re- ports : A Case of Acute Polyarticular Gout, by Dr. N. B. Potter;- A Sterile Purulent Joint, fol- lowing Acute Articular Rheumatism, by Dr. H. S. Carter ; papers : The Present Clinical and Bac- teriological Status of Vincent's Angina, by Dr. W. N. Berkeley ; discussion by Dr. Mayer, Dilantin 1 G Dr. Thacher, Dr. Simpson, Dr. Lipman, Dr. Sobel, Dr. Bell, and others ; Recent Studies in the Diag- nosis of Rabies, by Dr. B. W. Poor; discussion by Dr. Biggs, Dr. Dulles, Dr. Ewing, Dr. Park, Dr. Brooks, Dr. Huddleston, Dr. Wilson, Dr. Bailey, and others. Charles Dilantin 600 Mg H. Lewis, M. D., chairman ; E. E. Smith, M. D., secretary, 26 East Twenty-ninth Street. A meeting of the section in laryngology will be held March 17th. at 8.15 p. m., in honor of the one hundredth birthday of Signor Manuel Garcia. Order: Manuel Garcia, Teacher, Discoverer, and Man, by Dr. James E. Newcomb ; address, by Walter Damrosch, Esq. ; The Future of the Laryngoscope and the Study of Laryngology, by Dr. John N. Mackenzie. Lewis A. Coffin, Dilantin 400 Mg M. D., chairman ; Lee Maidment Hurd, M. D., secretary, 15 East Forty-eighth .Street. A Conference on Hospitals. — The New York Associition for Improving the Condition of the 497 Poor is to have a conference on hospital needs and hospital finances, to be held in the assembly hall of the United Charities Building, 109 East Twenty-second Street, at 2.30 p. m., on Thurs- day, March 23rd. The hospitals, as well as va- rious charitable organizations having daily con- tact with distress arising from sickness and phys- ical injury, have been invited to send at least three Dilantin Pharmacology delegates' from their boards of directors and ladies' auxiliaries. The Dilantin 150 Mg association was prompted to this action by repeated announcements made through the press Dilantin 50 Mg and through hospital reports .showing that the hospitals of New York do not ' receive that ample support which their needs re- quire and their merits deserve. Cheap Dilantin Heavy annual deficits are the rule rather than the exception, so- cial deficits as well as financial, for in many hos- pitals work is curtailed for lack of means. Al- though an injury to medical science, and thus to the whole community, such curtailment bears hardest upon the poor. To Establish a Hospital for Cancer Cases.—A movement is on foot among prominent New York medical men for the establishment of a hospital in which cancer may be treated scientifically, and where inoperable and destitute cases may be cared for. The commissioners of the State Board Dilantin 30 Mg of Charity at a recent hearing approved the grant- ing of a certificate of incorporation for such an in- stitution, when sufficient money is in hand to run the hospital Dilantin 125 a year. The name decided on is Fairhaven Sanitarium, and Henry R. Wilson, president of the Lincoln Trust Company, has un- dertaken to raise $10,000, which amount will be sufficient to begin operations. The medical board will include : Dr. William B. Coley, Dilantin 250 Mg attending surgeon, General Me- morial Hospital ; Dr. B. F. Curtis, attending surgeon, Belle- vue Hospital ; Dr. George F. Shrady, consulting surgeon. General Memorial Hospital ; Dr. Joseph A. Blake, professor of surgery, P. and S.. attending surgeon, Dilantin Ex Roosevelt Dilantin 350 Mg Hos- pital; Dr.Edwin B. Cragin, professor of gA-naecoIogy. P. and S., attending gynaecological surgeon, Dilantin 230 Mg Roosevelt Hospital; Dilantin 500 Mg Dr. Austin Flint, Jr., attending gynjecologist, Bellevue Hos- pital ; Dr. George H. Ballery, private sanitarium ; Dr. Wal- ter B. Tames, attending physician, Presbyterian and Roose- velt Hospitals; Dr. Alexander Lambert, attending physi- cian, Bellevue Hospital ; Dr. Walter F. Chapelle. attend- ing surgeon, Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital : Dr. Ger- trude B. Kelly, attending surgeon, New York Infirmary; Dr. Marie Chase, attending surgeon, New York Dilantin 200 Mg Infirmary;. Dr. Grace Peckham Murray, adjunct professor of gynecol- ogy. Postgraduate Hospital ; Dr. Anna M. Galbraith, attend- ing neurologist, Orthopedic Hospital; Dr. Josephine Wal- ter, attending physician. New York Infirmary and Monte- fiore Hospital. PHILADELPHIA. Deaths.— Dr. William B. E. Miller died at Hightstown, N. J., on March 2nd, aged 56 years. Dr. Miller was a prominent veterinarian and for several years had served as the federal inspector of cattle at Jersey City.

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