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Hermann's Handbuch d. Physiologic, 1880. NiTOT, E. — Recherches anat. sur la glande sous-max., etc. "Arch, de Physiol.,' vii, 1880, p. 374. Openchowski. — Histologisches zur Innervation der Drusen. " Arch. f. Physiol.," xxvii, 1882, p. 223. Kxein. — On Purchase Diamox Online the Lymphatic System and Minute Structure of the Salivary Glands and Pancreas. "Quart. Jour, of the Microsc. Soc," April, 1882. REPORT OF A CASE OF FCETAL INTERSTITIAL HEPATITIS AND PERITONITIS.* By BENJAMIN F. DAWSON, M. D., VISITrNO PHYSICIAN TO THE NEW YORK POUNDLINO Diamox Generic ABTLUM ; PATHOLOGIST TO THE NEW YORK INFANT Tablet Diamox ASYLUM ; ASSISTANT SUUOEON TO THE NEW YOKK STATE WOMAN'S HOSPITAL. On January 9, 1882, a male infant was born in the New York Infant Asy- lum, of American parentage. The mother was a healthy woman, twenty-seven years of age, and had borne three other children. The labor was Acetazolamide Diamox normal ; the first stage four hours, tlie second twenty minutes, and respiration was established without difficulty. Tlie weight of the infant was eight pounds eleven ounces; it was noticed to have an exceedingly enlarged and distended abdomen, and a measurement of the circumference at the umbilicus gave nineteen inches. Diamox Mg * Presented before tlie Now York Obstetrical Society, May 16, 1882. 584 Diamox 125 Mg DAWSON: REPORT OF A CASE OF FCETAL The child nursed well, and seemed in all respects healthy. The abdominal distension was noted and examined by the Medical Board, comprising Drs. J. Buy Diamox Lewis Smith, H. D. Nicoll, W. N. Blakeman, E. L. Partridge, F, A. Burrall, and J. Foster, and a diversity of Order Diamox opinion was expressed as to its canse and patho- logical characteristics, some considering it due to renal, and others Diamox 500 to hepatic cystic, degeneration. In the mean while the child's abdomen began perceptibly to diminish and to become more flaccid, so that on January 31st its circumference was If in. less than at Diamox Tablets birth, and the infant's weight was less by six ounces. A careful weekly record of measurement and weight was kept by the House Physician, Dr. Kate Parker, after this date, and showed a slight increase in weight, without any very marked variation in the circumference of the abdomen. The following table will Generic Diamox show this: February V, weight, 8 lbs. Z\ qz% Circumference, 17^ inches. Order Diamox Online ..." lYi " \ni " I7f " March 6, " 10 " 14^ " " 18 " 18 " 18 Diamox Sequels 500 Mg " " 18 " April 3, " 12 " 7 " " 18 " 18 " 18 " Diamox Buy 181 " May 2, " 13 " 4^ " " Diamox 500mg 17f " 171 " In March I first saw and examined the child. As it lay upon its back the deformity of the abdomen was most apparent ; but the abdominal walls were so relaxed that they rolled, so to speak, down each side of the trunk, giving a somewhat flattened Diamox Acetazolamide appearance. At the same time several lateral rugee and lines were distinct. The lower border of the chest was exceedingly prominent, the ribs and sternum being Iv Diamox raised from their normal relations, especially the latter, which was so elevated Buy Cheap Diamox throughout its course as to amount to a defor- mity. On examining the abdomen more closely, the redundancy and relaxed condition of the walls was such that the impression was conveyed of a semi- emptied thick-walled sac. This rendered it somewhat easy to manipulate the viscera, and I readily defined the limits of the spleen and liver, as well as the position and size of the kidneys. The latter were so unquestionably normal in condition that I dismissed them from consideration as factors in the abdominal distension ; and this was made so evident to Dr. Parker Purchase Diamox that my opinion was concurred in. The liver, however, was decidedly abnormal. Carefully marking it out, an evident discrepancy existed in the relative size of the two lobes, the right being considerably smaller than the left, and a small supernumerary lobe was detected below the latter. Below the lower anterior edge of the right lobe a mass of about the length of the hand was felt, apparently semi-solid or cystic, and evidently connected intimately with the liver, as a very careful manipulation seemed undoubtedly to demonstrate. The sensation to touch conveyed the im- pression that the mass had been larger, and the mobility of the mass was so inti- mate with that of the liver that it was evident its origin was from that organ. 14, a 9

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