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of varying thickness. From this envelope trabecles are given ofl\, and, traversing the organ in all directions, divide it into secondary lobes and lobules. In this supporting frame-work leucocytes are found in order cytotec online greater or less abundance, surrounding cytotec 200mcg the interlobular ducts and vessels. In addition, large plasma cells (Waldeyer), or Ehrlich's corpuscles {Mastzellen), are commonly encountered. The excretory ducts form a S3^stem of ramifying tubes, terminating in the secreting acini or vesicles. Each acinus consists of a membrana propria (basement mem- brane) lined by a varying number of online cytotec secreting cells. In fresh speci- mens derived from animals recently killed, buy cheap cytotec the membrana propria invariably appears as a very delicate, translucent, and apparently structureless membrane. In sections of hardened glands, flattened oval nuclei are found studding it. Boll, Ileidenhain, Lavdovsky, and, in fact, most recent authors, assert that the membrana propria is composed of flat, branching cells, which form a basket-like reticulum, containing the secreting corpuscles. The writer can not concur in this view. Branching, nucleated bodies of the kind described by these authors are, in- 87 578 \WUNDT: THE HISTOLOGY OF deed, readily visible after suitable modes of preparation. But they usually lie outside of the membrana propria, being superimposed to afford the necessary additional strength to this extremely delicate membrane. Pfliiger described them as multipolar ganglion cells. But his cytotec on line views are clearly erroneous, having been refuted by all later investigators, with but few exceptions. One of these, Kupffer, claims to have succeeded in demonstrating the direct entrance of cytotec 400 mg nerve fibrils into the glandular acini in the cockroach {Blatta orien- talis). But even this author failed to corroborate the assertions of Pfliiger with regard to man and the higher animals. According to the observations of the author, the membrana pro- pria is a nucleated connective-tissue membrane. In the foetus it is first formed in the following way : Solid proliferating plugs of epithelia, representing the future parenchyma, grow into the sur- rounding embryonic tissue. The layer of connective-tissue cells immediately adjoining the epithelia gradually assumes buy cytotec a flattened shape. At length these corpuscles coalesce and form a richly nu- cleated membrane. In later life some cytotec order of the nuclei atrophy and dis- appear, but a certain number usually persist. For this reason the membrana propria in adult glands appears as a homogeneous mem- brane, containing a varying number of nuclei. The branched cells are superimposed, or lie beneath it ; but, while they are found to adhere to it, they, nevertheless, do not form true constituent elements of the membrane in question. The epithelia of the proper gland substance usually line the basement membrane, in a single layer of nucleated, pyramidal, cuboidal, or polyhedral cells. In structure they differ rather widely in the various glands belonging to this group. It will be well, therefore, cytotec cost to consider, separately, first the cells of the albuminous glands, and then those of the mucous type. 1. Albuminous Glands. — Formerly these were known as "se- rous " glands, since the product of their secretion was apparently a serous fluid. Recently, however, Heidenhain has demonstrated the abundant presence of albuminoid matter therein. Glands of this type are, therefore, more properly called cytotec 200 mcg albuminous. The parotid gland of man and mammals generally, the lachrymal glands, the submaxillary glands of certain animals, cytotec buy online and the larger portion of the human submaxillary gland, purchase cytotec are included in this category. In fresh specimens the cells of their alveoli appear to be so com- pletely filled up with darkly granular where to buy cytotec matter that their boundaries are either invisible or quite obscure. Sections of hardened glands, however, show the intercellular boundary lines clearly marked. The form of these corpuscles [is now seen to be either somewhat THE SALIVARY GLANDS. 579 online pharmacy cytotec rounded or polygonal. Each one is, as a rule, provided with a pale, spherical nucleus, occupying a peripheral position — i. e., approaching the membrana propria. In hardened specimens of resting glands, the nuclei commonly assume a stellate or angular form, the result of cytotec cheap shrinkage. As regards the size of the salivary epithelia, their average diameter is 0*015 mm., the nuclei measuring 0*006 mm. It buying cytotec should be borne in mind, however, that many cells fall consider- ably below this average, whereas others measurably exceed it. 2. The Mucous Glands. — In the simplest cytotec 200 mg glands of this type the alveoli contain a single layer of large, clear, transparent, columnar cells, almost identical in appearance with the so-called goblet cells of the alimentary canal. In recent specimens the cytotec price nucleus is found round or oval, but in hardened glands it appears quite flat. In all cases it almost lies in contact with the membrana propria. But the glands of this variety contain, in addition to the simple mucous cells just described, smaller and very granular bodies, which are known as the crescents.^ or lunulce., of Giannuzzi. They usually occur in semilunar groups, and are found external to the mucous cells, and just beneath the basement membrane. The individual cytotec mg cells of such groups are not always provided with a nucleus. In some, however, two nuclei appear. Isolated mucous cells (maceration of fresh gland in iodized serum

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