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isclimm and the tuberosity, measured from above downward and midway between the pelvic wall and vagina, measured from Clomipramine Hydrochloride side to side; then it begins to ascend, reaching the uterus about at the va?' "^ i ^.20 'A 'J Jf <] O — J- « - o- ^ * ~ !=C ^ c Sa o o Clomipramine 50 Mg 5'S ® «j - 5 2 ^.i; B i- «s a— o u ^ ^llili H (It, Buy Clomipramine -r 00 «- a aS 0-0 = 2 oja Clomipramine Tablets o S 9 f o a ■= ,,< ►a - 5 — ■>' ■« « 3 r^ tB o £" 2^ o ?^g £3 5 III « 5 d S « s §J?g2Ho Si Clomipramine 25mg °=EZ e o a O.C a> t.-=s "^ « = y g O C3 -o H C o u , S *j 05 !* S> 2 £ S a-" H " (>• > a Clomipramine 20mg at the level of the internal Anafranil Clomipramine os, anastomosing with ANATOMY OF THE FEMALE PELVIS. 567 its fellow of the opposite side. The vessel and its branches are quite tortuous, and that portion extending from the pelvic wall to the uterus is, with the tissues in which it lies embedded, freely movable in all directions. In all cases having the posterior attachment of the broad liga- ment the course of the artery is within its folds, running first in the outer, then in the lower, and finally ending in the inner border. Where the anterior attachment obtains, the artery for a short por- tion of Clomipramine For Ocd its course is behind the ligament. This Clomipramine Ocd is above the spine of the ischium. In pregnancy, like the ovarian, it is greatly en- larged, and, as might be expected, does not dip quite so low as in the non-pregnant state. It is rather difficult to fix points as guides to the artery, but in general it may be stated Clomipramine Anafranil that the anterior and upper portion of the great sacro-sciatic foramen contains the first part of its course, the vessel here resting on the upper fibers of the pyramidalis muscle. A finger's breadth above the ischial spine we have the point of de- parture from the pelvic wall. At the center of Clomipramine Hydrochloride Tablets the lateral aspect of the utero-vaginal junction we have the point of first contact with this wall, Clomipramine 10 Mg its further course being directly up the central line Buy Clomipramine Online of the lateral aspect of the uterus. Having located the point at which it

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