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OP THE CITY OF NEW YORK. In view of the many laborers in tliis field, and in the face of their accomplishments, such work as I have been cleocin 2 engaged in would seem superfluous. order cleocin online My excuse is this : The surgery of the pelvis in preg- nant and non-pregnant subjects made it necessary that I should have a more definite idea of cleocin cream acne the topography of this region than could be obtained from any of the works at my disposal, I wished especially a better idea as to the location of the broad ligaments, the uterine artery, and the ureter. With this object I have made certain dis- sections, which I now beg leave to present in the form of the ac- companying drawings, indulging only in such remarks as may seem essential to the proper comprehension of them. The Peritoneum. — Looking into the pelvis, we find it divided into anterior and posterior fossa? by the cleocin phosphate uterus and broad ligaments. All that portion of the membrane lying in the anterior fossa is quite loosely attached, unless it be npon the anterior surface of the uterine body. This loose attachment extends to the anterior face of tlie broad ligament, the pelvic wall, and in front even above, as far as an inch from the sympliysis pubis. The line of the internal 36 552 POLK: OBSERVATIOXS UPON THE OS marks the point of lowest attachment upon the anterior face of the nterus, but as it is reflected to the bladder it hangs so loosely one may bring it into close relation with the upper half of the an- terior cervical wall by merely pushing the uterus above its normal position, a fact to be borne in mind in operating about the vaginal face of the cervix when pushed above its natural position. The loose attachment of the peritonaeum in this fossa is designed to meet the varying degrees of bladder distension, a demand it readily complies with. Passing now to the posterior fossa, we find it divided into two compartments, one above the other. The lower is Douglas's cul- de-sac, a pouch whose mouth is on a level with the utero-sacral liga- ments, which mark its entrance. Its boundaries, then, are: In front, the posterior surface of the cervix, and about the upper square inch of the posterior vaginal wall ; on the sides, the utero- sacral ligaments, and the curtain of peritonaeum let fall from them on to the postero-lateral aspect of the vagina ; behind, the anterior surface of the rectum ; and below, the layer of peritonaeum, extend- ing from its lowest rectal to its lowest vaginal attachment. The upper compartment comprises all that large space above Douglas's cul-de-sac which is bounded by the cleocin topical solution uterus and broad ligaments in front, and the pelvic wall behind and to the sides. The floor is broken by the mouth of Douglas's cul-de-sac, but extends from the sides of this opening (the utero-sacral ligaments) to the pelvic walls just below tlie level of the great sacro-sciatic foramen, the outline of the two halves being somewhat that of a right-angled triangle, the three sides being the utero-sacral ligament, the line of the base cleocin suppositories of the broad ligaments, and the pelvic walls. The space is filled in with loose connective tissue, and forms a kind of shelf overhanging the cul-de-sac cleocin iv ; upon it the ovaries rest cleocin cost at the beginning of prolapse. Normally, they hang just above it, in the posterior fold of the broad ligament. The dimensions of this retro-ovarian shelf, owing buy cleocin t to the pres- ence of the rectum, are less on the left side than on the right, though cleocin 600 mg now and then, as in cleocin t acne Fig. 2, they are the same on cleocin t pads the two sides. In the whole of the posterior cleocin 100 mg fossa the attachment of the peri- tonaeum is closer than in the anterior, and in the cul-de-sac it main- tains an unvarying attachment to the posterior vaginal and anterior rectal wall. Take the non-pregnant pelvis and draw a line from the center of the pubic symphysis to the junction of the third and fourth sacral bones, and we shall find it nearly corresponds to the lowest ANATOMY OF THE FEMALE PELVIS. 553 portion of the peritonaeum in the anterior fossa, and in the posterior as well, save in its cleocin antibiotic lower compartment, the cul-de-sac. This is greatly altered in pregnancy, however. Take a case at the thirty-sixth or thirty-eighth week, before the uterus has " fallen." We shall find the lowest level of the peritonaeum (the cul-de-sac ex- cepted) to correspond pretty nearly to a line drawn from the center of the symphysis cleocin tablets to the promontory of the sacrum. The anterior fossa is rendered more shallow, and the posterior, save the cul-de- sac, is about obliterated, the floor of the retro-ovarian shelves being about on a level with the pelvic brim. The antero-posterior and lateral dimensions have likewise suffered reduction, because of the backward movement of the broad ligaments incident to pregnancy. It is interesting to note the change that is wrought in the cul- de-sac. Its floor is cleocin 900 mg raised somewhat by the upward stretching to cleocin topical gel which the vagina is subjected, but this alteration is small compared to the cleocin suspension change in the level of the floor of the retro-ovarian shelves. Now, as the utero-sacral ligaments, forming as they do the edges of the retro-ov^arian shelves as well as the margins of the entrance to the cul-de-sac, keep pace with the ascent of the shelves, we find them attached posteriorly to the first bone of the sacrum, near the promontory, instead of at the junction cleocin oral of the third and fourth bones, as before. The cervico-corporeal attachment having been corre. spondingly raised by the ascent of the uterus, we find the cul-de-sac converted into a deep and rather narrow channel about large enough to contain a moderately filled rectum. It is hardly necessary to say that this raising of the peritonaeum and ligaments is the result of the enlargement and upward movement of the uterus.

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