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the layers of the bandage, one being placed on the concave side (in lateral deviation) just behind and on a level with the axillary line, the other on the opposite side at a point correspond- ing with Cardura E10p Msds the upper border of the sacro-iliac synchondrosis, and a little outside of it. A solid rubber cord is passed up through the lower ring and tastened to the upper one. A strip of non-elastic webbing, long enough to reach from the ankle to the knee, is sewed to Cheap Cardura the top of Cardura Classification the shoe on its outer side. This is passed to the Cardura 10 Mg inside of the stocking, through a button-hole just above the upper margin Cardura For Bph of the shoe. The free end of the strip of webbing is provided with a ring. Through this ring the lower end of the elastic cord is passed, and drawn sufficiently tense to overcome the distortion. In cases where the belly projects, two cords are neces- sary, one on each side. In the latter case the lower rings are placed in front over the Buy Cardura Online crest of the ilium. 8. Mr. J. G. Smith, in opening a dis- cussion on the early operative treatment of strumous joint disease, at the recent meeting of the British Medical Associa- tion, discussed briefly the pathology of tills form of joint trouble. The form of articular disease for which the oper- Cardura 6 Mg ation of excision is most frequently per- formed is the strumous. Here, as else- where, struma manifests its jiresenco first in lympliatic or lymph-glandular tissue. The rod marrow in the Cardura Online ends of the long bones is a lymph-glandular organ of prime iuiportance. The syno- vial and sul)synovial tissues are pecu- liarly rich in lymphatic structures. In one of these does chronic joint disease begin at the outset, and for some ])or- tion of their course they are distinct diseases, showing different symptouis and requiring dilferent treatment; to- ward the end, when disorganization is complete, it may be impossible to say how they began. The pir.k marrow, being Cardura 1 Mg a blood gland, partakes actively in diseases affecting the blood-glandular system. When inflamed in a strumous subject, there is the same chronlcity, the same tendency to caseation, and the same possibility of their being starting- points for a miliary tuberculosis. In- side the compact shell the gland among the bony trabecula) is unlike the sub- cutaneous tissue of the neck in this im- portant point : that it has no room to swell. The proliferating tissues strangle themselves Order Cardura in their growth, and form little necrotic abscesses ; or they force their way along the line of least resist- ance, Flomax Vs Cardura which is, for many bones, toward the joint cavity, and set up suppura- tion of the articulation in time. This is primarily and essentially an inflamma- tion of marrow — a myelitis. The asso- ciated changes are, in every sense, sub- ordinate. Now, if this be the condi- tion which exists, it is clear that the chances of spontaneous cure are not great. Grounding a practice on Cardura N10 these principles, Cardura Generic Name we begin early by giving an outlet to the inflamed and proliferating tissue by gouging and scraping away bodily the cancellous bone and the in- flamed marrow which it confines. The other form of Cardura Tablets disease is one of synovial and subsynovial tissue. The author would call it a synovial inflam- mation plus Purchase Cardura lymphatic obstruction. He believes that its malignancy, so to speak, is due to the blocking of the lymphatic channels, keeping up oedema, which has the further effect of compressing the veins, and so making matters worse. Up to a certain point this lymph block- ing Cardura Vs Flomax may cure itself Cardura Bph if we judiciously as- sist it. In the early stages, if the joint is full of fluid, incision into Cardura E10 the joint and free drainage may do good. But, if wo go thus far, may we not go farther and remove the pulpy synovial tissue? This, then, is the position ho takes when a case of incipient joint disease comes to him early — a fair trial of simple measures should be made. For syno- vial trouble he thinks passive movement, sometimes accompanied with Cardura E10p gentle shampooing, ought to be carefully car- ried out. If, after weeks, or at most

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