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of the parasite, with figures both of the These incrustations, which line buspar 15 mg high the developed organism and of the egg. mucous membrane, become detached in The eggs are deposited in the human places, join one buspar 10mg high to another, and form the body in enormous numbers, being found nucleus of the calculus, which grows by in the portal, mesenteric, and hismoi"- successive deposits. Many times the rhoidal veins. In the vesical veins es- author has been able to find the eggs of pecially they accumulate, and are de- the distoma in the fragments of a cal- posited in considerable masses in the cuius. QUARTERLY REPORT ON ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY AND DISEASES OF THE JOINTS. No. X. By CHARLES T. POORE, M. D., SURGEON TO ST. MABY'S FREE HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN. 1. Shaffer, N. M. — The surgery of deformities. "Ann. of Anat. and Surg.," Sept., 1882. 2. De Saint-Germain. — Du traitement de la scoliose. "Union Med.," buspar cost australia Apr. 6, 15, 22, 1882. 3. JuDsoN, A. B. — buspar 10 mg three times day Mr. Shaw's view of the cause of rotation in lateral curvature of the spine. " much does buspar cost without insurance Med. Record," Sept. who makes generic buspar 30, 1882. 4. Bartow, B. — Spinal extension by suspension. " Buffalo Med. and Surg. Jour.," Aug., 1882. 5. Roberts, M. J. — Elastic tension in Pott's disease. " Illustr. Quarterly of Med. and buspar 30 mg high Surg.," July, buspar generic problems 1882. 6. Steele, A. J. — The treatment of Pott's disease existing in the upper dorsal and cervical regions. " St. Louis Courier of Med.," Sept., 1882. 7. Kassowitz, M. — Die Ursache der Gelenkschlaff heit average cost buspar bei der Rhachitis. " Cen- tralbl. f. Chir.," June 17, 1882. 8. Smith, J. G. — Remarks on the buspar 10mg tab buspar 15 mg twice day early buspar available generic operative treatment of strumous joint disease. "Brit. Med. Jour.," Aug. 26, 1882. 9. buspar 15 mg VoGT, P. — Zur Resectionsteclmik. " Centralbl. f. Chir.," Aug. 20, 1882. 10. Cazix, II. — Du toucher rectal dans la coxalgie. " Rev. de Chir.," Mar., 1882. 11. Terrillon. — Nouvel appareil pour lo redressemcnt des positions vicieuses de la cuisse sur le bassin. " Bull. G6n. do Th6rap.," Mar. 30, 1882. 12. Knott, J. F. — On Iley's "internal derangement of the knee joint," "Dub- lin Jour, of Med. Sci.," June, 1882. 13. Vance, buspar 10mg pills Ap M. — Case of subcutaneous supra-condyloid osteotomy for cure of do you need a prescription for buspar genu valgum. " Med. News," June 10, 1882. li. RuppREcriT, P. — Zur Tarsotomie vcralteter Klumpfiisse. "Centralbl. f. Chir.," Aug. 5, 1882. 15. Lagrange. — De I'arthrite consecutive h la contusion, a I'cntorso et a la luxa- tion des articulations des doigts. "Rev. de Chir.," Feb., 1882. IG. Terrier, generic buspar price F., et Verch^re, F. — De la synovite tendincuse tuberculeuso et en particulier de la synovite tuberculeuse des gaincs du poignet, de la main et des doigts. Hid., July, 1882. 556 QUARTERLY REPORT ON IT. Jordan, F. — Clinical lecture on cases sliowing the utility of a laminated plaster splint. " Brit. Med. Jour.," July 15, 1882. 18. Stillmax, 0. F. — The surgical mechanics buspar generic buspirone of local joint extension. "Boston Med. and Surg. Jour.," Aug. where can i buy buspar online 31, 1882. 5. Dr. Roberts advocates the use of elastic tension in Pot.Vs disease to correct lateral deviation of the trunk. The fol- lowing is his method of applying it: Two pieces of perforated tin about four or five inches long and three eighths of an inch wide are prepared. To the middle of each piece is soldered a thin piece of steel bearing a small ring. During the application of the jacket these 45 mg buspar pieces are incorporated between

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