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548 QUARTERLY REPORT Avelox Generic Name ON at intervals not exceeding an inch. The lower ligature is to be first applied, and before tying the knot of the upper one all the blood in that part of the vein be- tween the two points of occlusion must be Avelox Generic pressed out, so that the sides of the vessel are brought into the closest con- tact. By Avelox Antibiotic 400mg this Buy Avelox means a much Cheap Avelox firmer ad- hesion is obtained than by clotting and subsequent contraction and occlusion. The formation of thrombus is to be prevented, in the first place, by keeping the Avelox 400 Mg Price ligature out of the vein, and in the second by firm pressure on the limb, previous to any ligaturing, by means of a rubber bandage applied from the foot up to that part immediately below the point to be ligatured. By doing this the veins are emptied of their contents, so that no thrombus with sec- ondary phlebitis can result. For the same reason the bandage is also to be continued over and above the ligatured portions as the operation proceeds. When a hfemorrhage shows that the vein has been punctured, the operation must be abandoned at that point and another chosen. The application Printable Avelox Coupon to each of the punctures of a small piece of lint moistened with carbolized oil and covered with absorbent carbolized wool completes the procedure. Unless there Avelox 400 Mg Dosage is much pain, the dressing need not be removed for three or four days. During this time the patient is to be Avelox Iv kept in bed. On the fifth or sixth day, Coupon For Avelox according to the amount of tenderness, the leg may be put to the ground. The author has seldom seen suppuration ex- cept when thick ligatures have been used, or when a large portion of tissue has been included. It has never in any case amounted to more than two or three drops of pus, which, after making its way out of the punctures, was im- mediately followed by healing. In or- dinary cases two, or at the most three, occlusions are sufficient Avelox Online to relieve vari- cosity. In eighteen cases the author using these Generic Avelox precautions has had no bad results, or, indeed, any tliat caused anxiety. So Avelox Generic Equivalent far as he has been able to judge, the results are permanent upon the vessels ligatured. In long-standing cases, where there is nmch anlema, with Generic For Avelox great tortuosity of vessels, tliere are Avelox 400mg Tablets considerable difiiculties to encounter. To obviate these, Mr. Duncan advises that a tiglit rubber band be placed high up around the limb ; this, while it brings the veins out in strong relief, has the ad- ditional advantage of rapidly and surely showing by hfemorrhage whenever they are wounded. He has also found that a rubber bandage, well applied and kept on for some time, reduces that solid, brawny oedema so frequently met witli in varicose disease, in which the vessels run like gutters beneath the skin, and render deligation difficult. 11. Dr. Alexander gives a very inter- esting resume of Purchase Avelox the results of his cases of ligature of the vertehral arteries for epilepsy. In the twenty -four cases re- ported, three patients have been quite well for nearly a year. Nine others have been so free from fits, and for such a length of time, that it may be said a cure has resulted, or is hkely to result; and eight have improved in so many re- spects, or are improving Avelox Strong Antibiotic so steadily, that the operation would be justifiable were no better results ever obtained. The doc- tor now thinks that ligature of the ver- tebral arteries ought to take its place as a recognized operation for the cure of epilepsy when other means, such as the removal of peripheral causes of ir- ritation and the soothing of irritated nerve centers by drugs, have failed. The method of operating Buy Avelox Online is simple, no important structures are implicated, the danger to life is very small, and, should the Bayer Avelox operation be a failure, the patient is no worse off than before. A

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