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had made no mistake, but had deliberately oper- ated on the left ear, on account of the serious and dangerous condition present, the plaintiff's attor- neys asked and were given leave to amend their buy cheap avapro complaint, withdrawing all charges of malprac- tice, and a new trial was granted, whereat the surgeon was charged with technical assault, the assault consisting in operating on a portion of the body which he had not been employed to operate on. The case was tried and the plaintiff was awarded the enormous damages of $14,225.50. The judge was apparently satisfied that the plain- tiiT had a cause of action for assault, since he re- fused to direct a verdict, although later he granted a motion for a new trial of the case on the ground that the damages were excessive. Circumstances analogous to those in the fore- going case are of daily occurrence among surgeons, and if this case is finally decided in favor of the plaintiff, I predict an epidemic of similar suits all over the country. Let us avapro coupons sup- pose that a surgeon makes a diagnosis of appen- dicitis and on opening the belly finds a suppurat- ing tube ; if he removes this tube is he guilty of assault? Suppose that he makes a diagnosis of disease of the right ovary or tube and finds at the operation disease of the left ovary or tube, must he sew up the belly and wait for authority from the patient before doing what should be done at once? Such would avapro alternatives seem to be the law. Of course no surgeon has the right to operate upon any patient without the permission of that patient or of some one in authority to give that permission, but when a patient has placed him- self order avapro or herself in the order avapro online hands of a surgeon for an operation, has the surgeon no discretion as -to the detail of that operation? Must he outline every step of his procedure in advance, and does he render himself liable for assault in case he should find it necessary to do, and does, some- thing which he had not beforehand explained to the patient? I do not mean to assert that a sur- geon would be justified in losartan vs avapro operating upon a por- tion of the body remote from that concerning which the patient avapro recall had consulted him ; but it be- hooves the surgeon to find out whether he is or is not to do avapro 10 mg what the exigencies of the case seem to him to demand when he undertakes to perform a surgical operation for the cure of a certain dis- ease or for the relief of certain symptoms con- cerning which his patient has consulted him, avapro 75 mg and when an avapro vs diovan operation has been agreed upon. Few surgeons go through life without the an- noying and expensive experience of having to defend a malpractice suit, and there are in every community lawyers who make their living by hunting up and prosecuting such suits. These suits have become so numerous of late years that insurance companies have appeared offering de- fense policies which pay the expense of such suits and which in some cases pay the damages up to a certain specified sum. If the case above mentioned is finally decided in favor of the plain- tiff, a new field and a lucrative one will be opened for the shysters who fatten upon damage suits and malpractice suits, and the avapro price surgeon will do well to surround himself with all avapro tablet possible precau- tions before undertaking any surgical operation ; it would probably be avapro cost wise for him to provide him- self with a blank form which, signed by avapro discount card the pa- tient and properly witnessed, would give him authority to do whatever he believed it necessary and proper to do in each individual case. BuRNsiDE Foster. CALCIUM CHLORIDE AS A H.EMOSTATIC. Calcium chloride seems to be coming into more varied therapeutical use than was formerly made of it. Boas ( Therapie der avapro avalide Gegenwart, 1905, No. 7 ; Berliner klinische Wochenschrift, January 23rd) recommends it as a rectal haemostatic. In cases of bleeding haemorrhoids half an ounce of a ten per cent, solution is to be injected into the rectum after the morning evacuation, and retained for avapro coupon some time. If avapro classification the haemorrhage is severe, an evening injection also will be necessary. He has avapro generic name used it successfully in other rectal haemorrhages, such as that due to carcinoma. If the salt is chemically pure, it will cause no discomfort ; oth- erwise it may give rise to burning pain and tenesmus. A BACILLUS OF BALANITIS. More and more are we coming to recognize, or at least suspect, a parasitic cause for various dis- eases. Ordinary balanitis is ascribed by H. Vin- cent (Annales de dermatologie et de syphiligraphie. June, 1904; Berliner klinische avapro generic alternative Wochenschrift, February 13th) to a bacillus. It is pathogenic

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