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modified. In this process the edges of the wound seem to play the part of foreign bodies. It is easy, more- over, to determine how the haamato- blasts act with regard to a foreign body directly introduced into the circulation. By means of a slightly curved needle, carrying a thread of silver or platinum, Atorvastatin And Fenofibrate the external jugular vein of an animal (dog) is pierced in such a way that about one centimetre of the cord re- mains in the lumen of the vessel. When the operation is well done, hardly a drop of blood will escape from either the point of entrance or exit of the needle. After two or three minutes, a length of Atorvastatin Calcium Generic time Atorvastatin Spc sufficient in the dog, in which ani- mal the haematoblasts are very vulner- able, the segment of the vein traversed by the cord is separated by the aid of two ligatures, the first placed on the peripheral Atorvastatin Calcium 10 Mg end, the second on the cen- tral. The trunk of the vein containing the thread is immediately detached and opened after being plunged into a liquid which fixes the elements of the blood. Already the thread is surrounded by a grayish mass, a little reddish here and there, composed of innumerable hsema- toblasts, the more readily recognizable the shorter the time that the thread has been in contact with the circulating flu- id. When the Atorvastatin Generic Availability thread is left for a longer time in Atorvastatin Tablets Ip 10 Mg the Atorvastatin Calcium Tablets vessel, and the muff which surrounds it has become more volumin- ous, the constitution of the muff is en- tirely analogous to that of tiie hsemo- static nail already described. The hfematoblasts thus play an active and important r61e in the mechanism of tlie arrest of hromorrhage. These ele- ments are alterable to the extent that, coming in contact with the edges of a wound, they become adhesive, as when in contact with a foreign body. In ac- cumulating little by little around the open orifice of a vessel, they form there an obstacle at first insufficient; then, tiie first Atorvastatin Ppt hromatoblasts being arrested, they retain in their turn those which issue with Rosuvastatin Vs Atorvastatin the blood coming constantly in contact with them; the orifice of 546 QUARTERLY REPORT ON the wound retracts little by little, until finally it is completely closed by a solid and fixed plug. The other elements of the blood and the formation of fibrin only participate in this process in Atorvastatin Brand Names a secondary and accessory manner. The blood, then, contains within itself a powerful haemostatic agent, and, were it possible to remove from normal blood all of the hsematoblasts, the wound of a vessel would cause a ha3morrhage which Sandoz Atorvastatin would have no tendency to cease spon- taneously. These experimental facts have a prac- tical application of importance. All foreign bodies alter and retain the h«- matoblasts, and in this way is easily ex- plained the formation Atorvastatin Trials of intra-vascular clots in the living person by the con- tact of diseased Atorvastatin Canada points in the cardio- vascular walls. In the same way may be understood the haamoatatic action ot foreign substances brought into contact with the surface of a wound, notably those of a pulverulent or spongy Atorvastatin Vs Rosuvastatin nat- ure. According to the experiments of M. Hayem, the modifications of the heematoblasts are favored by an Discount Atorvastatin eleva- tion of temperature, and are extremely active at a temperature a little above that of the body. He asks if it may not be in this way that the good eflfect is obtained by hot injections in the treatment of htemorrhages. For to the action of water, which is in itself effect- ive upon the hferaatoblasts, is Atorvastatin Ca added that of heat. Again, for blood to cease flowing Atorvastatin Fenofibrate it must contain hasmatoblasts, and these must be Teva Atorvastatin impressionable to the contact of foreign bodies. In animals like the horse, whose Atorvastatin Pharmacokinetics blood is only slightly coagulable, the hasmatoblasts are modified with comparative slow- ness. Again, these elements may un- dergo alterations in number and qual- ity in cases of disease, and it may be

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