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ha3morrhage apparently by the forma- tion of a clot, there is something pecu- order atarax liar, the mechanism of which needs explanation. In fact, during a hasmor- rhage, the blood cheap atarax which passes between the lips of the wound in the vessel is always new, and when collected in a vessel it is transformed into a gelatinous mass only after several minutes. VVhy, tlien, does it form a solid atarax 50 mg plug between the lips of a wound which soon becomes so resistant as to oppose an obstacle to all issue of blood ? Upon this atarax 25 mg point M. Ilayera has endeavored to throw some new atarax 10mg light. After having exposed the jugular vein of a dog, a small wound is made in the vessel, and the atarax mg haamorrhage is allowed to cease spontaneously ; im- mediately after a ligature is applied to the peripheral extremity of the vessel. It is easy then to draw from the little wound a clot shaped like a nail, the SURGERY. 545 point of which penetrates into the lumen of the vessel, the iieaii resting upon the outer wall of the vein. By immediately placing this coagulum in a liquid which fixes the elements of the blood, its different parts may be exam- ined with the order atarax online microscope. The point and central portion are grayish, viscous, and composed of partly granular and partly amorphous where to buy atarax matter. The granula- tions are composed of enormous masses of hsematoblasts already altered, but still very distinct one from the other, while the amorphous matter results from the confluence into one common and coherent mass of the ha3inatoblasts which have undergone the greatest change. The head of the nail, which buy atarax is red on the exterior, contains in its cen- ter a prolongation of the viscous hajma- toblastic matter, and at the periphery the fibrillary meshes hold a great num- ber of red corpuscles. In all the cen- tral, and, properly speaking, obstructive part, there are very few white blood corpuscles. It is, therefore, evident that the fibrin is added to a central nucleus composed almost entirely of hasmatoblasts. The formation purchase atarax online of this nucleus may be studied in the mesen- tery of atarax cost a frog under the microscope. After having brought into the field of the microscope a vein of medium cali- ber, with transparent walls, an incom- plete section of the vessel is made with the point of a fine scalpel. An abun- dant hsemorrhage is produced, and, for buy cheap atarax a few seconds, nothing is observable but a mass of generic atarax blood. Soon the blood flows more slowly, and is confined by a crown of elements strongly attached to each other and adhering to the opening in the vessel. A few moments later the orifice of the wound is surmounted by a sort of whitish excrescence (cham- pignon), through the elements of which the red blood corpuscles insinuate them- selves with difficulty. Far from being formed, as several observers atarax tablets 25mg have said, of the white corpuscles, the wall con- sists of hfflmatoblasts which have been retained during the purchase atarax flow of the blood. At the moment when the hjcmorrhage ceases, these have already become al- tered, and, continuing the observation, they may be seen to undergo all the changes described by the author in pre- vious communications. The obstructing hfomatolilastic but- ton holds only an insignificant number of white blood corpuscles. These are spherical, smooth, not adhesive, atarax online for by 85 continuing the observation for a few moments they may be buy atarax online seen to separate themselves atarax tablets from the mass of hfemato- blasts, thanks to their amoeboid con- tractility. They do not appear to par- ticipate at all in the arrest of the flow, and they still possess their physiologi- cal properties and normal anatomical character, while the atarax price hsematoblasts ot the obstructing plug are already greatly

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