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QUARTERLY REPORT ON potash until the desired Order Trihexyphenidyl Online result is ob- Order Artane tained, and in the use of chemically pure acetic acid on the skin, and of di- lute acetic acid on a mucous membrane, to Generic Artane limit the action of the caustic. The author covers the carbuncle with a piece of resin cerate with a hole cut into it, and through this aperture he bores about half way through the brawny mass with a piece of caustic potash securely held between the blades of Order Artane Online a dressing forceps. When sufficient depth is attained, the action of the caus- tic is limited by the application of the acetic acid. The patient is not left until the caustic action is completely stopped. The advantages claimed are the bloodlessness, the immediate relief of pain, the ability of the operator to limit the extent of the caustic Buy Trihexyphenidyl action, the simple after-treatment, and the rapid recovery. 8. M. Hayem has studied the mechan- ism of the arrest of hcemorrhage very deeply, and has reached some important conclusions. He goes back to the dis- covery of Andral, who, by examining blood with the microscope, either pure or mixed, as it came from the vein, with one seventh of its weight of sulphate of sodium, found that all the fibrin was held in suspension under the form of little white corpuscles -g-^ mm. in diameter. To these corpuscles filaments were added at the moment of solidification. Many other observers also have seea in the blood in process of Purchase Trihexyphenidyl coagulation the^e little pale granules, either single or agminated, and the filaments of fibrin. In 1873 M. Ranvier also pronounced on the nature of these little bodies. " It is probable, without Purchase Trihexyphenidyl Online being proved," he said "that these angular granulations which exist in the blood are little masses of fibrin, and that they become the centers of coagulation, as a crystal of sulphate of sodium placed in a solution of the same salt becomes the center of crys- tallization." Such was the state of our knowledge on Buy Cheap Artane this subject when, in 1877, M. Hay- em Artane 1 Mg announced that there existed in the blood peculiar little elements having the singular property of undergoing instant alteration when they came from the body, more especially when they were brought into contact with a foreign sub- stance. As these elements are destined to become red Artane 2 Mg blood corpuscles, he pro- posed for them the name of ha;mato- blasts, boliuving them to be the same as those already described by the other ob- servers, only more Order Trihexyphenidyl or less altered in ap- pearance. He also believed that the process of coagulation was intimately connected with the modifications of these elements. In works which he published from 1877 to 1881 he insisted upon the viscosity which the haemato- blasts acquired when they were no longer in their normal condition, adher- ing then to each other, and Buy Artane Online to any for- eign body with which they came in con- tact. It is only after having undergone a manifest metamorphosis, of which this state of viscosity is the first degree, that they become the principal points of Purchase Artane de- parture and of attachment of the fila- ments of fibrin. He also discovered that all the conditions known as having an effect in retarding or preventing co- agulation also prevented Buy Artane these altera- tions of the hasmatoblasts, and vice versa. Pursuing this study, he Purchase Artane Online was led to ex- amine the manner in which the flow of Artane Online blood resulting from the wound of a vessel is arrested. He believed that the ha3matoblasts took an active part in the process, and Artane Price set himself to discover the exact nature of their influence. In the case of wound of a blood-vessel, the haemorrhage, at first rapid, gradually decreases, and then ceases. To explain this favorable result, the contraction of the wall of the vessel has been invoked. This is real, and Artane Tablets even energetic, for arteries of medium and small caliber, but almost nil for the veins. But this contraction can not of itself close the wound. It was therefore natural to call in the intervention of coagulation. But Buy Trihexyphenidyl Online it is evident that, in the arrest of

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